Collage day#17


Small square format for this collage:

Collage # 17 by Fanny Wild

This time I used a very graphic background with gray spheres!

I find this works. And you?

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Collage day#16

Still things that happen here. A grunge background that gives way to another, pastel. Glazing also! In the end, a composition that I feel good.

Collage # 16 by Fanny Wild

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Back to the gelli plate

No doubt!

You know now : I love my Gelli plate!

I get it through intense fund (example here), I can use for my paintings (here) as well as for my collages (as you can see in my collage challenge.)

But … why settle for funds?

The method of “monoprint” also provides beautiful abstract paintings. Then see my two favorite paintings (of 16 lol):

Abstract on gelli plate # 1 by Fanny Wild
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Collage day#15

15th collage today! I’m half of my challenge… phew! Then I tried something unusual:

  A small yellow glaze test that brings dynamism. I tried this to change from the last collage (background cut in the same paint.) I didn’t like the results. I think he does better on screen than in real, but even here, I don’t like it…

The yellow is great in the bottom. Maybe the color of the bird?

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Collage day#14

Happy Valentine’s day friends! Wine and sweets tonight ?! I hope in any case that you will be spoiled…

From my side it will be a pretty ridge collages map (hahaha we never change.) If my Valentin is cooperative, I would show you 🙂

Meanwhile, here are the 14th collage. And here I am on the track of grunge! I also reuses images of my previous collage and yet I do not feel redundancy. I feel good actually 🙂 Something emerges, a way, a voice… MINE!

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Collage day#13

So here I present to you one of my favorite! The bottom has been achieved with the gelli plate… This purple and its shadow… What I love here is this flower… YUMMY! And here is a new figure that you’ll see often: the cube. It changes my circles, but I do not forget them either.

Collage # 13 by Fanny Wild

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Collage day#12

This time, I wanted to raise my way of doing collages: to understand that I did not just want a painted background!

I also like to cut an image into pieces and scatter…

Collage # 12 by Fanny Wild

Collage day#10

A new week is starting… I’m in need of fresh!
Tender and lovely colors, green and yellow. A child.
A monday…
Collage #10 par Fanny Wild


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Collage day#9

9th collage today!

I’m starting to be more sure of myself composition level … In fact, I must confess that it was a bit the aim of the exercise. The composition is … is … COMPLEX! This is a real world of its own. I still have difficulties with this monster. So I had to approach it from another angle, learn to tame the smooth, every day. I really wanted to leave the marked courses and third rules …

With collage, no fuss! I will not spoil a piece of paper, trying…

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