Collage day#8

Always collage, always the same themes I dig … dynamic changes therein and back to the bird …

I take much pleasure in this challenge finally :)))))

Collage # 8 by Fanny Wild

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Collage day#7

I continue as planned on organic themes, texture, writing, drawing with the 7th collage!

I like the words echoed with that piece of body… This is one of my favorite collages (so that initially I was a little creepy with that head!) But here she makes sense!

I definitely love this mix that always reminds me that feeling of Victorian era. Yum! I have other ideas …

Collage #…

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They say that

They say this, we say that …

But basically it is nothing but bullshit?

Numériser 4
We say that… mixed media by Fanny Wild

A week has passed since the start of my challenge collage… And I have not neglected my other work so far! You can recognize a painting whose bottom had been reached at Gelli plate…

I unify the background, add a little texture in white paint (and bubble wrap). I kept the clouds as is! A little spray the sky (while degraded)….

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Collage day#6

We reach almost the first week, phew!

Little change in my collage series: here’s a painting in the background 🙂 I love to see this mix with a lot of textures and therefore affects slightly above right grunge.

A pattern, written in different forms, organic! I think I will continue on these issues, I really like what is happening there !!

Collage # 6 by Fanny Wild

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Collage day#5

Here is an exercise in composition rather difficult since I had set myself to paste only white or shades in nearby…

I had a little trouble finding what to do in my archives! But ultimately, I think this little thing succeeds!

Collage # 5 by Fanny Wild

Binding book homemade!

Small presentation of a working binding homemade books.

Princess stories that deserve to be protected!

The idea is to connect all the books made by children who are damaged in their library. For starters I read them together and I added a sheet folded in two for protection.

4 holes
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Collage # 4 by Fanny Wild

I love this one, I find it funny with this bee that seems to take this flower for real!

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Collage day#3

I propose today a third composition…

Collage # 3 by Fanny Wild

I love these birds coming and going in my work… Perhaps one of my favorite elements?

This time I mainly wanted to play with the background papers without asking me too many questions! I also like this at the top right pattern. It will take me more in the future! !

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Collage day#2

Here is the 2nd Challenge day … for now everything is fine, but it will be towards the end of the month it will be harder I think! I hope I can keep up!

Collage # 2 by Fanny Wild

This 2nd collage, I like it very well (it looks better in real than on the screen)… In particular, this little bunny !! But I’m not crazy… as a whole it is a bit cumbersome and confusing. To…

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Collage day #1

Here’s the challenge that I launched! 1 collage per day for 1 month! 

So I will publish a new collage every day until March. The challenge is great because 1) I started in the world of collage 2) we will have to create and broadcast on this blog: I’ll have to take my sleeping time lol 3) The type of transfer I love require night drying… that will need a little organization !!!

And without further ado, the first collage !!

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