My 5 fav of Joséphine Wall

I just discovered the work of Joséphine Wall.

Intense, full of colors….

But, what interest me the most is… the wild woman :



Inspiring right?

Sometimes I can not find the words to describe what happens when I see art as incredible, as telling. There are so many details that feels like in the Italian renaissance paintings … married with those of Dali!

I love this link with Earth, nature and minds. Hard to limit to 5 works! I think I am…

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Dreams have a cost

Carte oiseau
Bird, card in mixed media by Fanny Wild

We all have dreams.

We all have busy lives that can not accommodate these dreams (well, apparently).

All except this person around us seems bright, radiant and has a job that seems a little crazy.

This troubles us.

Alternately, you feel attracted to this person, then envious and admiring and sad.

Why do we go through all these stages?

These emotions are a click. It’s a part…

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Antlers… again!

Sometimes it’s inexplicable … the only thing that inspires me is kitschy (though, it comes a little trendy antlers right?) I even want to go on a canvas case … to be continued!

Anyway, I try to dress up a mountain chalet at the moment:

Antlers, mixed media par Fanny Wild

Soon available on Etsy

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Tweaking small details

I usually put my paintings on the wall “almost finished.”

Sometimes I just do not know what final touches bring. Sometimes they seem actually ended me …

A force to lay my eyes on them, I find small details that bells, subtle things to change … and often more I look, the more that small detail becomes important. It is as if I could not see that this small part of the canvas, to the detriment of everything else.

So, for my peace of mind, behold I bring my paintings in my studio lounge for a small addition of color, a tiny…

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Oh deery! New video.

No, no … it’s not a mistake (like I fart to speak English and I send you a deery head instead of a deary.) Fun words!

Because we will talk today of … of … of … deer, yes

I do not know if it’s Christmas, which made an indelible impression (oh no!) But I want the antlers everywhere. All over!

I want my tree decoration, on my wall (true, but I’m looking in the woods, I found none) and in my paintings!

It is not the first time. And I can not help it, I HAVE FEELING WOOD CERF. In addition, he…

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The tribal bond, first painting in 2016!

Creativity is sometimes complex … 1 month ago I have not painted.

By cons I was highly creative in other areas.

And, miracle, yesterday, finally, I wanted to paint. I had still not found my mojo to attack me with a large canvas … I needed to start small (I still paint small in moments of doubt!) And I finished this painting makes link the dolls collections (women wild in miniature) and abstract to the bird.


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My shop is open


The Sheartwild shop is finally open …

For now, the store does not yet contain a lot. Obviously, it will be filled at As with my work over the past two years. I would also add little ideas here and there (postcards or greeting, that would be nice not?)

Shop SheArtsWild sur Etsy


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DIY snowflakes

It is cold and the first snow appeared on the tops! So I cracked for paper snowflakes adorn tens windows …

So, zou, a little tutorial to share this very simple cutting, to do with the children to decorate the house.

I have a little crack in the end with my last snowflake Star Wars (Eva thank you!) And then it is also seasonal, then let’s be crazy 🙂

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Wet on wet

Kids love to paint, it is well known! There is a technique both beautiful and fun: watercolor on wet paper practiced in Waldorf Steiner schools.

Created by my 4 years old boy.


That’s it? I gave you envy? So here’s the tutorial to get started and succeed this technique. Enjoy!

Here is the list of equipment you will need.

– Tray with…

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Curious to see what happened with the film sent early challenge?

Among moults photos of children, here are some pictures taken last year (oh yes, I had long ignored this film!) It was my first test with the “beast.”

And my little toy has to delight me: I love the colors and moods he creates. It’s not clear. This is not bright. For cons, I feel the wave of mystery undergrowth: