Intuitive paint

What do we mean by intuitive painting exactly?


When discussing the intuitive painting, we naturally think of intuition (ie, to create by following the sudden changes of our ideas.)

We imagine a caricature painter child who makes a mess (on the canvas, the walls, the body) without having the slightest idea of ​​what he does. Taking shortcuts quickly : everyone can do it, it’s worthless, it is not art …

The reality is different.

Paint intuitively requires effort, not least!

Knowing our creative barriers

The intuitive process is first a true exploration of creativity. It is getting to know our creative barriers and break them free.

  • What goes through you and your canvas?
  • What are your fears?
  • Do you compare yourself tirelessly to others (and to strangers on the internet?)
  • Does your inner voice criticizes your every gesture, belittling you every step?
  • Is you perfectionism keeping your from finishing your paintings (or even starting them?)

Fear not PERFECTION, you’ll never reach it.


IMGP9098It is then to find in itself courage. Paint in this way is anything but familiar and comfortable: to explore, to test, to take creative risks are difficult.

Keep going on and go to the end can be really painful because we have to fully accept what we will find in the journey (our brightest parts like the darkest.)

Do not resist. Let go. Release the need to control everything.

Go ahead despite your inner judge, because you’ll quickly realizes that it is not possible to silence him.

This learning can then be transmitted in everyday life.

When our creative barriers are breached, the miracle occurs. We focus then on our senses, our playful exploration capacity and we forget time and space. We forget there is a world beyond the canvas, beyond our studio.

Believing in yourself, believing in life forces around us, the world of inspirations, ideas. Learning to be guided by unconscious forces, unknown, invisible in the heart of our being.

The play of textures, colors that glow coming out of the tubes, their smells, transports us as a kind of intense mediation where one is focusing on oneself, when one becomes present. And finally, this flow closes on a new being : exhausted, exhilarated.

Suddenly, a painting is born.

We swam in the depths of our being, and bring back pieces of self unknown until then. Understanding, touching our deepest nature (divine in everyone). And bring it into conscious existence as a painting.

Yes, painting is thus an opening to our unconscious.

In this it can be described as a spiritual practice.

Zoom2And it is true that opening his heart, his mind with a genuine creative life connects us with our inner wisdom. Feeling infinitely self, complete, as we are, full of life and excitement.

Crossing the barriers of creativity takes us on a real emotional tumult.

ALL we explore our emotions along the process. Gay, restless, sad, disgusted, stuck, dynamic, quiet …

This is not necessarily good in the end …

But whatever! We already give up preconceived ideas of what makes a “good” painting by intentionally releasing the final expectations.

In turn, we paint geometric figures that are meaningless and small precise details of major importance, then deconstruct everything, quickly, violently. One then draws a sophisticated organic picture, which is finally covered with a large sag violet.

The whole point of the intuitive painting is to try to remain true to each step.

You have understood, I did not invite you here to make art, to copy the style of someone, to adopt the same technique for all but completely turn you to research your technique, your feed, your area.