Obsession in twin flames

What about our relationships regarding secure energies ? Especially in the concept of twin flames!

Ex-chaser myself, this is a theme that I only know too well! And I really wanted to share all of this information, which may confirm your evolution or put you on the path of healing.


A traumatic link

Often we concentrate and are attracted to people who resonate with our most traumatic beliefs about ourselves.

In the case of the abandonment wound, they are people who check everything: they neglect us, do not recognize our needs or our emotions, only…

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Traumatic responses

I needed to experience several years of a respectful romantic relationship to open my eyes to the toxic behaviors that were imposed on me.


In the name of blood.


In the name of “the family which must support itself”.


Where everything always only went in one direction: accepting the nauseating words and actions, without repeating them to those around you.




A few years ago, I dared to cut ties. Yes! Hooray! But what about since then? Because that’s what’s interesting, isn’t it? What happened…

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The Wisdom Snake

My encounters with snakes come from my childhood. And I must say, that these first exchanges were not at all bright and light!

Yet the snake is back in one of my paintings. Then, in the weeks which followed the realization of my them, I came across a book on a completely different theme (of which I have put some extracts here). It was this magnificent synchronicity that finally made me understand the need to share all this information in a new article (finally!)


“The one who dreams of the Big White…

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Into the Labyrinth (part 1)

Note: You can use this article in part or in full, as long as you credit me and add a direct link to this post. Thank you.

In early February, @healer.josephine launched a most exciting tarot challenge on the Instagram platform: #intothehealinglabyrinth !

And since this little joyful has led me to clear up a lot of interesting information, I decided to do a series of articles on this subject 😉 So come with me in the windings of the labyrinth …



A labyrinth is a symbol that is found in many cultures around…

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And dance the Earth ! -2-

When I was a kid, all the back-to-school-days were rainy and cold, or at least gray. For several years now, September is a sunny month, a month full of colors!

… a month to settle in a class or return to work becomes more and more difficult

Global warming has become palpable, it really affects us.

The media talk about it more and more, but unfortunately still with that air of guilt towards every citizen we are.

Well, yes, the change is there.

But it’s also time for you to hear this: No, it’s not your fault!

Of course, I do not ask you to…

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And danse the Earth !

Sometimes there are moments of extreme clarity in my life: everything seems to fit together and make sense …

I recently experienced such a moment with the creation of the oils root 1 and 2 (see previous post) and I did not think to have another in the following days …

In the previous article, I evoked an exercise that I particularly like to do: the list of everything I love!

It’s stupid, but it’s quite powerful, and it helps me a lot in all the other moments of my life where everything seems tangled …

By following our intuition, we can sometimes…

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Aroma, season 2

Whenever I marvel, it makes me want to share these moments, to testify … and this is the opportunity to give news! I do not like writing to write, just to show that my site is alive. Moreover, Facebook often sends me notifications telling me that those who love my page, have not heard from me for a long time. Well yes, thank you Facebook to worry for me, but hey, it’s not my kind of blablater to convey emptiness …

In short, as the title of this article betrays, it is still a wonder associated with aromatherapy. And to…

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The Haxes*

Since I was a child, I was scared about the haxes’s* stories, the name of the witches here (Hexen in German)!

They haunt my childhood village, the surrounding woods and above the collar a few hundred meters away.

Because our ancesters were burned at Perheux.

This truly magnificent place today was primarily functional in the past. Cross communication between two valleys, it was also a place of pagan pilgrimage before becoming a Christian and now forgotten (to the Belmont Chapel). It was customary for pilgrims to throw…

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 Wild ?

That is to say untamed? Uncivilized?

What intellectual rigor leaves little room for the imaginary … for me there are words, concepts that extend well beyond their succinct dictionary definition. Naturally, “wild” is part of it.

In our world, “savage” is often associated with this idea of lack of order, of incivility that leads to chaos. In this sense, “savage” connects with shadow, destruction, death. The term can therefore, a priori, frighten us.

Nothing like this in my personal understanding of this concept…

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All started with Charlottesville… and the feeling of no being capable of saying anything that could change something.

And I saw this reminder from Martin Luther King Jr :


We are in 2017, and we still do not love each other.

Despite the science that admits that the human has no races.

Despite the spirituality that shows that all religions are right (fucking !!! but at the end will you see they all say the same thing !!!!!!)

We are in 2017, and we still…

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