About SheArtsWild

Not our talents that make us human beings that we are, what are our choices.


Welcome to SheArtsWild, this little place in the universe where painting and collage meet our inner nature.

And where we can afford to quote Dumbledore!

 I created SheArtsWild in 2015,

by following a quest of my deepest desires. I started wishing to reconnect myself with paint and finding my style. I was lucky to find much more than that : She Arts Wild is the sweet marriage of femininity, art and our wild instincts.


If you got this far, it’s probably because you love to paint and create. Perhaps you are interested in different pictorial process that is intuitive, why not even shamanic. Or do you have a passion for the wild woman.

… Or you are here because you like to surround yourself with beautiful things!

Paintings that reflects your inner being.

What’s more beautiful than putting a painting about true nature, here on the wall… and makes you connect in its deepest overtime in the day.


The reasons of this meeting can be many.

But I think here we share the same common : our thirst for authenticity.

Because what brings us the art (as making it or getting around) is none other than the truth in ourselves, and our own beauty.

You are in the right place if:

you are wondering how to create an authentic style which suits you;

  • you want to find an original painting that causes an emotion in you;
  • you stop painting for a long time and want to put you there without knowing where to start;
  • you want to start in the mixed media and wish to be accompanied for your first steps in the choice of materials and style;
  • you wonder about finding your style, your voice pictorial;
  • you want to meet your inner being, this being forgotten in the dark, wild and full of bravery;
  • you block to finish a canvas;

All these questions, I asked them myself!

I also took classes in painting. However, I was quickly lost because it was all about reproducing an image or painting in the style of Matisse (though the great masters can be a fantastic source of inspiration.) I tried to paint as MY own style. Yet there is no evening classes that could explain to Fanny how to paint like Fanny.

This style is in you, it is to invent, and it is your responsibility to go find it (the world desperately needs genuine artists.)

Why is not that easy?

Because we must dig itself and the pieces that we brought to the surface are often precisely those who are looking to bury as deeply as possible, hoping to hide them there forever.


I still remember very clearly the first time I showed works that were truly me. From the top of my 5 years (even before knowing how to read) I was greatly pleased by works on abstract drawings of small format, color and intense vortices which represented nothing less than the universe … and God! I felt in total connection with my small paintings papers. I even took care to make their frame (with black wallpaper.)

I went the next day to school, proud of my series (fifteen!) The shock was rude when children and adults have laughed about my little production. I believe I threw it all …

This is what we called : an artistic scar.

Based on the work of Brene Brown, 80% of people have experienced a disgrace to the school which they now remember.

80% !!!!!

And of these, 60% involved an artistic activity!

Why is it so painful, even years later?

Because to create is to share bits of our soul with the world.

About 1 bis

When we paint by following our instincts we share with others our innermost being. We are totally vulnerable … exposed!

I am convinced that there is no creative people, and some not. However, we experienced creative scars that prevent us to dare again endanger us.

We are no longer fearless as children (who do not yet know the fear of ridicule) but we can be brave.

Intuitive Painting is a liberating process that allows us to reconnect with our authenticity.

Since we are all born as a creative creature (indeed, it is not for nothing that these names share the same root) here’s what I propose : instead of creating a prodigious work, why not tanking our raw materials (old paint tubes, or dusty yellowed cloth) and that we spoil them?

Let us, together, take the first step towards your own discovery.