Antlers flowers : a free video

Instal all your materials, your screen and create with me your next painting !

Choose a first color, enjoy music (they are my favorites) and let it go ! Work faster in order to let your brain get off the ride, use one tool, then on another very quickly (having everything just near before starting is great !)

Tip : take an hair drier to accelerate the drying stage between 2 layers (if, just as me, you don’t have too much time for painting !)

Please note, it is quite usual to start your painting practice by replicated what you see. This is a natural learning stage and this is totally normal. I invite you, despite that, to add your own variations : your marks, your favorites colors, your favorites tools to create your OWN painting. All these hours in front of your canvas will you make more proud of you 🙂

And, please, think a little about me when it’s time to share your beautiful creation, or at a selling, by giving me some credits (a link to my page for example !) This always pleases when our work is recognized and keep the spirit of sharing complete (in order to give you more tips in the futur !) A win-win relationship !

Of course, I’m here for your questions. Be free to contact me here.

Good watching.

Flowers and antler from Fanny Wild on Vimeo.

Password : wildheart

Music : Unfaithomable Things (instrumental) et Falling Leaves de Krystyn Pixton ; Mississipi et Downtown de Raising Appalachia and The Human Experience ; Emmenez-moi de Vanessa Paradis ; Sègas de la Mal Coiffée. Voix off : Fanny Wild.

Material : : Golden Paints, “Blanc de Zinc” from Amsterdam, Lukas Studio ; EInks from Liquitex ; Watercolour pen from Faber-Castel and Caran d’Ache ; Posca and Molotow pen.

And the water spray  🙂