My commitments

SheArtsWild is committed to the respect of childhood, the reconquest of the sacred feminine and the ecological blooming.

All that is featured on SheArtsWild (from every single article to every shamanic creative class) has been experimented by her designer Fanny.

To say what I do but also to do what I say: this is the way of authenticity that I claim.



My dearest wish is to allow you to learn to do alone.

To go in search of what you need, yourself.

To free you from your dependencies.

To increase your confidence in you and your feelings.



And I am working to reconcile my commitments in the respect of Nature, around 3 main axes:




Natural creativity is that of the authentic human who respects both his nature and Nature. Taking into account the toxicity of pigments, ending with disposable pallets … is just as important as questioning the way we create. To create is to share bits of our soul (Brené Brown). Let’s do it in harmony with our Earth!

  • I opt for ecological solutions to paint (a glass pallet that cleans itself: optical zero waste).
  • Nature is the raw material of the painter, I avoid throwing out what can be used (I use all the painting on the painty pallet to activate another painting).
  • I favor natural pigments (when possible).
  • I choose brands that control volatile solvent doses.
  • I do not need a lot of material to start with: I experiment with what I already have (I consume less).
  • I paint respecting who I am. An alternative creativity exists. I listen to my impulses.
  • I create from my center (my women’s organs), connecting to their energies.
  • Creativity is a gateway to our ecological values: all nature is inspiring and deserves respect.





Do we take care of our relationship between our feminine and the wild Goddesses? We can review the management of our female waste and heal our true nature by learning to respect it. Better treat our body by loving it as it is and choose to feed it well.

  • Natural femininity requires respect for our cycles. Our efficiency evolves according to the periods of the month. I learn to use my periodic assets (introspection in periods of rule, sociability during ovulation, …)
  • Femininity can be ecological. I adopt menstrual cups or reusable breeches.
  • I decrease my consumption of beauty products.
  • I create simple and effective natural products according to my needs (book: the cleaning of Jafka).
  • I eat organic for my body and for the Earth. I prefer live, vegetarian or vegan food.
  • I integrate in my daily life my wild side, that is to say to learn to trust my unconscious and my instincts in my decisions of every day.
  • The feminine nature is sacred, I learn to respect it by looking more lovingly at my unique body.
  • I understand that I can convey a new image to future generations of women.
  • My maternal feelings are right and can be developed safely: I am listening to what is good in the education of my children.
  • I open myself to compassion by transforming my feelings of envy or injustice. The energy of the heart is a force!







In other words, we find ourselves in the field of shamanic practices that combine cosmic knowledge, ancestral knowledge and respect for our Earth.

  • All wild flesh deserves respect.
  • Listening to my intuition, I learn to create with the intelligences of nature.
  • I live by integrating the laws of the universe: I am love and I transmit love.
  • I seek my balance between cosmic and terrestrial values ​​(my feet, like roots in the earth, sink into the shadowy part of our inner being.) My head, as well as leaves directed towards the Sun, directs me towards the light.)
  • I unite my sacred feminine and my sacred masculine: my intuition serves my actions.
  • I become aware of all my actions, words and thoughts. I am authentic.
  • Vegetarian eating alleviates my being, increases my vibrations.
  • I understand that I choose ALL at every moment.
  • We can learn to look at all areas of our lives with a fresh eye, each in his relationship with Mother Earth, to heal us and heal the Earth.




Respect Nature as Our Nature,

needless to say !





SheArtsWild was born in a colorful explosion. A chemical and sensual reaction to which 3 ingredients have been enough to give it life: femininity, wilderness and precious pigments. Since then, she seeks (because SheArtsWild necessarily is a “she”!) to radiate authenticity, whether in the creative process itself (intuitive, free and saving) or in original works colorful, fresh and generous.