Sacred feminine

The sacred feminine exists only because the sacred masculine is also a part of this world.

These duality is sacred.

It is often presented in terms of confrontation.

feminine and masculine energies are yet quite symbolized by the famous yin and yang.

Contrasted but united.Artemis v internet

The woman, yin is often represented by the moon, water, feelings of love, beauty, areas associated with intuition, the great mystery, black and deep blue …

In front, yang, masculine is symbolized by the sun, war, strategy, blood red and glow white, radiant yellow …

Biologically, it is quickly apparent that one needs the other to create! complementary and separate least at first glance.

Yes, in every ying there is yang, and in every yang, yang, this notion of the Tao is well known! This means that every man lives the energy of ying and that every woman, flowing energy yang.

The worry is that the yin energy is still continually denigrated.

Result of the Nordic peoples early invaders Corporation
és the Neolithic matriarchal established? Christianity and the one God (masculine)? medieval drifts associating woman, temptation and Satanism?

Yet to make sense, our actions need this vital energy.

In us, in us, takes place the following dialogue between our and our yang ying:

Queen (receiving) said “this is the idea that I had.”

King said “I’ll do!” (He decided to do it and creates it.)

These two steps are required to act in our world. First, I get the idea to do something new, or a solution to a problem; Then I decide whether or not to do, I develop the strategy and finally I express in matter.

In short, I transform what I get, the energy I pick and I embodies.


One without the other is the cause of failure. Although the acting out is so valued today without women, the act has no meaning, it runs out and sometimes useless (eg major projects financed by public money are duplicates or that nobody uses).

Even more obvious: no male, the idea remains in the head and is never realized, no one ever sees the color!

Yes, there was a tear with the feminine within us … it’s through a necessary step back to the essences of the woman, the Goddess will be back.

The being-connect to the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine is to be fully realized.



For a woman, it’s totally embrace his true nature and express the world and in the world.

This is the very definition of being complete!