To bring out the unknown

Paint makes you feel bigger than the universe.

It continues to expand, become deeper, and if we follow, we lay our turn and we deepen as individuals.

The painting takes us into unknown space where our only option is to work. Work, work. We work with our minds and our muscles and memory; but it is necessary to stay on top of what we do not know, forgetting the rest of our lives. And when we work, we are not actually before the canvas in our workshop. We are swimming blindly in the deep water and it can be dangerous to come to the surface because it is possible to lose its rhythm and return to things known.

Leigh Hyams



Yes, it was that, that frightened Leigh Hyams falling in making things known …

When executing a clear idea to get an accurate result, she preferred to jump into the unknown, without any idea of ​​finality and produce new products.

How to find these news? I am convinced that the only ways to approach our true nature, our true art are the games, letting go, scribbles …

Not serious? Childish?

On the contrary! Who would risk spoiling the raw material? Or wasting time? Scribbles no longer have their place. Play is not in tune with the times …

I turned in 2011 to riches offered by the intuitive painting and shamanic painting. His techniques have the extraordinary ability to allow us to feel alive, to anchor us here and now to our world, to our body.

And to bring out the unknown.