Totem – the online class

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My very first online class is coming, and I can’t wait to make you discover it

Meet your totem animal, honor his presence around and within you.


Cerf et triangles


In this class, we will dive into within, meet our guide and express his teachings with creative realisations. We will  :

  • Appropriating the animal world by simple sketches …
  • Playing with papers, patterns, inks, acrylic paint …
  • Developing your style by exploring our relationship with colors, compositions …
  • Diving into the rich layers of mixed media  …
  • Approaching the teachings of our protectors …

You are impatient to meet you totem animal? He is too!

He has so much to tell ….

Knowing that intelligent beigne are with us, to help, is a réal enrochement in our lives. This class will be rich in discoveries and I can’t wait to see your artisitic creations.

This paintings will be use as reminders of our spiritual nature.




Class will start on october but it will be possible to subscribe sooner at low cost !

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I hope I’ll see you in this beautiful creative adventure !

xo Fanny Wild