She is the source of the feminine instinct, the visible and invisible worlds – she is the foundation.

She is the ideas, emotions, impulses, memory. Lost and almost forgotten long, long time, it is the source, light, night, darkness, dawn. It is the fragrance of mud, paw renard. The birds who tell us secrets belong to him. It is the voice that says “This way, this way.”

She is the one who thunders after injustice, which rotates like a huge wheel, creates cycles. She is to go looking for him that we leave the house. That is the finding that we go home. She is muddy root of all women. She is the one who helps us to continue when we give up, which incubated, hatched ideas to be born. She is the spirit that we sum pense.Nous thoughts it issues.


Woment who run with wolves, Clara Pinkola Estés.