About Fanny

Thank you for stoping by at my art universe.

I’m Fanny Wild.

Wild as the the name we gave me, when I was a child.

I didn’t study art but sciences. I worked in chemistry research for the environment, until my second child were born in 2011. Then, I started to accord more and more time to my art and trained in shamanic painting and intuitive painting with artists from the american west coast.

In 2015, I created SheArtsWild, an online shop for my creations. Since, I work mainly with the intuitive process but I also accept some commission’s work (please contact me for those !)

In 2017, I was moving back in my little mountains to dive in my sources et share my own process through creative blocks, in workshops.


I have always been subjugated by nature. As a child, I was a real adventurer. I was feeding on wild berries, plunging my feet into the torrents of mountain and I climbed a windy summit, known for its pyre of witches. In secret, I dreamed of communicating with animals! It is therefore quite natural that my art reflects this attraction for the vegetable on the one hand, and for the animal kingdom and the other hand. Thanks to shamanic painting, I seek to honor the sufferings that our world inflicts on them. My painting is committed to more respect for the wild world.

I am also fascinated by devas and goddesses, powerful archetypes who know how to manifest themselves in realized women. Thus, the wild woman began to appear in 2015 in my paintings. Her apparition, at once unconscious and triumphant, was the fruit of a long hunt between her and me. Small, I was made to believe that the crackling sound of the wood in the house was due to the return of the Haxes (the witches burned at the top of the mountain) and I hid under my sheets !!

I did not suspect that it was actually her calling songs: 

the wild woman tried to wake me up

in order to bear, in my turn, her values.

She did not lose hope … she remained confident as I walked away from her. She knows how to wait : in us, smiling, because she knows well, (oh yes she knows it!) that she will finally come out.

And, yeah, finally I hit her hard. I recognized her as alive, vibrant. That is why, I sign my works with my name (Fanny) and her (Wild).


I work especially acrylic. But I sometimes like to add various techniques: pastels, collages, transfers, inks, watercolors, …

In the end, my works reflect my commitments and my personality. That’s why my creations are highly colored and a bit magical.

I capture the subtle, the majestic that exists in our authenticity, to restore it in an image with multiple degrees of reading. Beyond words.


Painting is a real spiritual work that never ceases to amaze me.