Shamanic paint

Shamanism is an exciting spiritual method of exploration

Now updated by active meditation techniques, practices have become safer for our western culture.

Shamanic painting corresponds to the traditional : VISION QUEST.

Fasting in nature for 3 days, the individual goes in search of wisdom pearls, revealed by the sky, earth or spirit. But, needless to say, thèse people were and are living much closer than us to the nature. To connect to her, sacrifices are necessary. But adapted sacrifices !

Our lives being so different, our connexion is different.20141114_141627

Still, there is  some efforts to make : we have to have to try to stop the excitement such as sugar, coffee, tea, alcohol, even animal products … before we plunge into a quest for a pictorial vision.

Which différence with intuitive painting ?

Mainly, the course of the session : here we are looking for a meditative state. The atmosphere is silent in order to avoid any emotional pollution, such as music, for example, which triggers innumerable feelings and bodily sensations in us.

At the heart of the realization of painting, we go through a moment of reflection and interpretation, which is not the case with intuitive painting!

Hidden wisdom

This pictorial journey often gives a way to the unexpected.

What we mainly seek is the emergence of symbols, always surprising and strong!

These symbols are particularly intimate and personal. In my case, they mostly take the form of geometric figures and totem animals.

Totem ?

At the time of shamanic traditions, a totem defined a tribe, a group (the villages sported the colors of the animal much like today sports teams sport their masquots.) The totem animals referred to here are rather the equivalent of guides, of protectors, who are more correctly called : animals of power.

And the power they hold is to allow us to get to know each other better !

They are real archetypes with which it may be useful to become familiar because their messages often bring real life lessons by drawing our attention to our relationships, our darkness, our repressed emotions.

Do we communicate with others with kindness and efficiency like horses or with force and aggressive persuasion like lions ?

Ready for a vision quest ?

To explore the symbolique world activates our intuition, our imagination and, with a little luck (who knows ?) will it leads, at the turn of a bush or a mud puddle, to the meeting, with the wild woman ?