The wild woman

At the end, this is not outside that women are gonna find the wild world.

But well inside,  by reconnecting with her emotions, her feelings. Plunge into oneself, dig the earth in search of the golden nugget, at the turn of a brush stroke, a rhyme, a pirouette, a song, a meditation. Little by little, the archetype of the wild woman awakens. First she stretches slowly, she opens one eye, then the other … finally, standing and powerful, she smiles.

And the life, then, springs from her.

She lives according to her intuition, a starking, strong, living life and she continues to have, at the end of the day, all her creative potenital.

She is well in her body, she goes ahead, she knows how to make right choices.

She croates with her guts, she is the artist.

She is the witch, she is the godess.

She is the mother who gives birth.

She is the passionnante lover.

She is the one who secs the truth.

From the work of Clara Pinkola Estès