About totems

I love to paint following the fox… that is trying not to control everything! I like happy accidents, coincidences. I like throwing myself without end result in mind…

… And so … I’m happy to discover new things!

For example, this majestic lion, wise and protector who suddenly occurred to me.

Initially I wanted to illustrate the period pocahontas that my children had while I was drowning in a reflection on the water (both calm and impetuous … totally my type.)

I had to draw my daughter. She had naturally sat down … and yes! Because someone else was going to happen!

Someone imposing and warm coat (the exact opposite of my daughter and all water oriented blue paint.)

A totem animal? My intuition would she guided me to him?

The lion totem animal fighter wins the most implacable face the challenges of life. Having the lion as totem, you benefit from an abundance of courage and strength to overcome the difficulties that present themselves to you.

We all go through difficult phases in our lives. It is useful to have such a force within you. I believe it may have strong symbol surrounded our family when necessary … Anyway, whatever our beliefs, our totem animal research can be really fun and why not even take us to some small reflections (that is never a bad, right?)

So dare you try intuitive painting? Make me share your discoveries especially!