The beast within

The beast within!? It’s the animal inside us… I always loved this words and when I love in life, it comes real :

The beast within. Mixed média.

How :

Background : Play with intuitive paint (with my fingers) pen for children, pastel, water paint, acrylic…

I turn my little voice in OFF (this one that says to me I’mnot allowed to paint like this because I’m not a child anymore) and I’ve done here everything I wanted to do, without any idea of the result in mind.

And what a girly result! I’m happy with it, because I’m a little afraid of colors (like lot of colors, pink in particular!) i’m clearly out of my comfort zone!! I change the direction of the paper until I found one that speaks to me…


Background. Mixed média.

Then, I decided to sketch a face (yes, this is the theme of the moment, so let it be…) and a tree, a play just as I imagine beautiful childhood moments. I need a beautiful face, with tenderness in her eyes, looking at a bird, like a dream.

I step back of that paint for a day!

Texture. Mixed media

And a wolf appears. The blue designs his sketch… he’s screaming. So, yes… I erase my bird!



Now, it’s time to make the subjects more important. Some textures on the wolf, but no too much… he’s hidden in the

All is coming faster now… ideas are coming : the tree on doodle, dentelle, paper, some feather to make alive the wild of the moment… oh this is good!

Collage. Mixed media.

No hesitation on the words… since the wold appears, they are in my mind!

Our beast within… even if we’re a lovely and sweet little girl…
The girl. Mixed media