The collection of wild women is growing! But is it really a question of a simple woman, this time?


Because this painting is really like no other (size, presence of a Goddess (no less!) appearance of triangles …) well, making it her, a really different presentation!

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Music : la mal coiffée

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Women voices, energy ! LOOOOVE them !


Troubling Artemis

The emergence of Artemis in my painting was a difficult time, I found myself face to face with a killer!

Here I am, at the tip of my innermost beliefs, me, the vegetarian ( to vegan ) girl of the family,  adherent of the anti-whaling fight, here I am, in front of her, Artemis, Goddess of loneliness, of nature, of physical effort . But also, huntress goddess …

I usually find myself unsettled by my paintings. The intuitive symbols that come alive, know how to take me to the painful areas, darkest. I know it well and that’s why I did not fight. I continued.

As working, I have sometimes turned a deaf ear, do not concern myself with her, though knowing she was there. I stood at the edge of the painting, without really diving. She was patient (the work was long, probably because of its size (my biggest !)) and then … I found myself stuck several weeks! I had to bring myself to contact her.

Metaphysical question, hello!

Because what the divine femininity wanted to talk, was not harmless at all. She wanted me to go in my shadow and I do a little housekeeping on my beliefs about death. Especially on the death in nature (I will not speak of the human and civilization, field failed to Athena).

The message here is that death is not an end or an injustice, whatever the creature is hit : tree, animal.

Rather, it is a NECESSARY renewal, an ecological act (as in the case of wolves, good hunting is carried out by eliminating weak and sick, for the most beautiful and the strongest may give rise to robust individuals, new and full of promise). More importantly, it made me realize that new minds are waiting to come. Without death, they find themselves stuck, trapped.

When I answer, somewhat exaggerated, that there is no way to live in order to die (in the case of meat farms) she dare laugh at me. “The purpose of life is death” does she sing to me!

I try directly a “but, what is then the interest to come to the world if it is not to fulfill our mission of life?”

Another laugh, like I was a young child who must be decidedly explain everything! “Birth IS the mission of life. To be born is already fulfilling its mission!”

BAM. A goddess, inevitably, knows you nail the beak!


A colorful tornado hit on me, ordered me not to continue doing wrong in my beliefs.

Yes, Artemis, in her generosity, offered me a true initiation to the dark cycle of life-death-life. The mother goddess has two faces since she is also the goddess of destruction (Kali), it will not be forgotten! A pretty pearl of wisdom for everyone who believes in reincarnation, and that sum up with this simple Haiku:

The arrow of Artemis

Act of life

Necessary renewal

In cycle of life-death-life.

Decidedly the intuitive knows exactly hit where it hurts. And gradually I wonder and asks myself, intuitive painting would it not be a spiritual development tool?