At the risk of contradicting myself … I have a hard time letting go!

Vui! I fall into blog-shock with horrible revelations from the first sentence.

In fact, I write a lot about letting go to help myself, because I am one of those people who like to control everything (and therefore paint intuitively helps me tremendously because I control little.)

My last headlock? Signature. Or should I say THE signature. One that should be at the place of honor on my paintings. Let me describe to you the table (lol)

Your painting is almost complete. You take a few steps back to see what you have to add or change.


Yes, there it remains an area where the blue stuck with the rest of the fabric (…)

A small change then you go back again. You have beautiful look up, down, right, left, you can not find anything to rectify. You smile, your heart fills with pride, you see your beautiful canvas. There remains only the sign!

And then … you realize that you do not know what to wear!

Yes! After hours, weeks of implementation, the harder should be behind you … oh no!

It seems extremely obvious, since the Great painters signed their name. Yours it’s almost the length of the canvas, because you had the good sense to marry and keep your maiden name and more … so which one to choose? If I really successful, but one day I divorced, is what I want to keep the name of my ex on all my future paintings? If I sign with my maiden name, did I not evading a big part of what I am?

Well … I will sign my name then!

Yes … except that my name means pussy in English (so good, nobody ever so slightly respectable would want to have a name on a canvas argo Farewell international career !!!!)

So … a logo? Uh … no!

Initial? Yes, it’s cool initials! (I said that at this stage I am not in front of my canvas … it’s 4am, I’m in bed …) Adrenaline Climbing helping, I would not find sleep before 7am! Yes, because then my mind started full steam, will try to find 10 000 possible combinations with three letters (vertically, horizontally, diagonally holds it’s funny) or logo (it was said no logo, I know …) Anyway, I finished on an idea that looks a bit like a rotten smiley!

Wake up before my canvas, not really … I can not bring myself to add a smiley ugly this abstract I love.

So, what do we do now?

Well … you pinterest! And no one feels guilty because apparently has this problem. Around me they laugh a little … “but you got to just sign.” Yes, my administrative signing that I invented in my 16 years and is a wave relant on each other. As much put a paté!

And frankly, I have to ask! Wait a minute … Matisse he would open an email with the subject “Uh … hi asks whether you had problems with your signature?”

I then consults the living and accessible artists that I love and I see that many possess an assumed name. The concept is a little dream right? If I ever have a success beyond my wildest dreams, I would not need to create a wall with security camera around around my villa (kind Smet after changing to Halliday!) I then immediately remember to a Friends episode (sorry, I’m 30) where Phoebe decides to change name to Princess BananaHammac …

My ideas are going well, my canvas is dry … it will be a week that I cogitate.

In college Fannoche they called me, it’s nice that … so I decided to start me! Zou, black paint and thin brush and sign Fanny Fannoche:


My husband read “Fantoche” and laugh. I paint on my signature.

Suggestion husband said “sign with the name of your website!” I therefore sign sheartswild but it rings false. As if an entity that is not I had done all the work! Re-paint!

I sulked my canvas.

But I assure you … the story ends well!

Finally, the miracle will take place. An idea through me like a rocket when I am about to write the “about” from my website (my personal story.) Throughout, I am surprised to have lived around the word wild. It keeps coming into my life (whether place names, stream, love, wild women …) and I sign my text by Fanny Wild. It’s funny. It sounds good. And it’s close to what I am, very close!

I tried the heels on my canvas.

And bam, it suits him!

This is before me as obvious.

As if that were always …

So I had to be almost 7 years (from when I started painting and now) for finally signing MA (like what, things that seem harmless can harbor more nice surprises!)

I stop here … I have about a fifty paintings to rectify (including those I have given to my grandparents who have not escaped the rotten smiley!) But before you get there, after all my secrets (one is in tune, right?) now you can tell me … what’s your signatures tests your identity background? And your current signature? Tell me!