Child drawing : a paradox

SO, you know, I always let my child draw as they wish (Stern!) I’m very happy to see character coming to life WITHOUT SHOWING ANYTHING.


It was so beautiful, these very special moment, this head with these smile : she draw HER OWN character. The one that comes in her inside. Not mine or this of the teacher.

I’m so glad I let her draw as her own rhythms…

Some example : where is Cinderella shoe?

Now when someone asking me why I let me child scribble, I have a answer:

Yes, so, what?

I have confident in her own unique experience … and between you and me, this is a must have from or childhood, right? And did you know that scribble are stil sacred?


Because drawings are the mirrors of what there is in the inside. Why forcing child to do some beautiful drawings if they are not their own? This is hard for them, for their personality (I’m not good enough, I have to do the same as my teacher because she’s better than I…) What do you think about yourself if you where that child now?




So, how will them become creative beings if we cut their creativity in early ages?

Isn’t it weird? We find glory in people like Picasso (his universe so special, so HIS) Isn’t it paradoxal?


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