The Wisdom Snake

My encounters with snakes come from my childhood. And I must say, that these first exchanges were not at all bright and light!

Yet the snake is back in one of my paintings. Then, in the weeks which followed the realization of my them, I came across a book on a completely different theme (of which I have put some extracts here). It was this magnificent synchronicity that finally made me understand the need to share all this information in a new article (finally!)


“The one who dreams of the Big White Cobra” – intuitive painting on canvas – 31 x 31inch – 2021 – Fanny Wild



Have all snakes the same interpretation?

As I said in the introduction, my first links with the animal of power that is the snake, were not the most … pleasant.

Perhaps you have experienced this as well? I had many, many nightmares where the world was filled with snakes. It was swarming everywhere and I was still in an indescribable state of torpor, trying to put my steps between two snakes. Horrible dreams like these were recurring. I made dozens and dozens of them until I was an adult.

In 2014, things changed … I had an extremely strong archetypal dream that I could never forget.

Short description: I was in a beautiful and luminous clearing at the edge of the forest when I saw a white rabbit running at full speed. I immediately understood that he was running away from a predator and that predator was a snake.

And there I say to myself “oh no, not yet a snake nightmare” … I black out (I find myself in the dark as if I closed my eyes and put on pause) and finally I say to myself that I have to play the game and keep moving forward in this dream. I relaunch the dream (and yes, if you ask yourself the question: we can have control of our dreams, it’s doable by all humans!)

Anyway, I open my eyes again and restart the flow.

I find the rabbit running to the right. I turned my head to the left to discover that it was indeed being chased by a snake. But not just any! A huge snake, surprisingly white, wide and loooooooooong, very long and moving very quickly. So of course, I get under stress and I close my eyes again … but not by putting the dream on hold this time. I beg inwardly that the snake does not see me. I go discreetly into the forest without making the slightest noise, keeping my eyes closed.

It is then that in the dark, that I feel a presence behind me. I know that the snake had found me. I was paralyzed with fear.

But strangely, the atmosphere comes serene and without looking back I felt the snake growing behind me, standing up. It unfolds and communicates with me telepathically.

She (because, yes, I understand at that point that she is a female) was there from now on to protect me. She was a white cobra who surrounds me completely. Her head was above my head. Its width was beyond me. And I felt like I’m in a cocoon. All fear was gone.

A detail from “The one who dreams of the Big White Cobra

When I woke up, I wrote down all the details of this disturbing dream. And I tried to make an interpretation as coherent as possible: the white rabbit would represent the fear which scampers, chased away and indeed, at the end of the dream I was rid of all fear. As for the giant white cobra, I couldn’t find anything. The fact that she rises reminded me of the legend of Buddha but who would be arrogant enough to claim the same thing happened to him?

I go to Google : I can’t find anything on white Cobra legends, but according to Freud’s theories, dreaming of a snake is linked to our fear of sexuality. Yeaaaaah … but no, that did not really satisfy me …

So I take a look at Jung, with whom I feel more cohesive. To him, the snake turns out to be something else: a symbol of regeneration, alchemy, individuation. The concept is sublime but vague, I remain unsatisfied.



Anahata, an other intuitive painting with a standing up snake.


A year later, as I were training in awakening my Kundalini energy, the instructor informed us that it was necessary to learn about 2 snakes: black and white … and that if we are here, there is a big chance that we have been initiated at least by one of them.

How can I say anything other than my jaw dropped! ! ! ! ! ! !


Close up. “Anahata”


While writing all this informations, I realize that the Anahata painting above, dated before this training. Given the color of the animal, could we say that I had already painted the snake black as well?

In any case, this intuitive representation which results in the awakening of the heart was very poorly understood during its revelation to the world. Many of my friends thought it was a representation of Eve in Eden.

I have already had the opportunity to say that it was the opposite! But I am happy to start again here: this serpent is NOT the tempting serpent. On the contrary, he awakens the wild woman to all her potential and we can note that the snake may have touched her at the level of her forehead (3rd eye). In any case, this snake does not crawl on the ground. He’s high in a tree and lifting his head … and as we’ll see, these are far from trivial details when it comes to interpreting the symbolism of the serpent.


A card from the Anubis Tarot with Wadjet


In the Egyptian tradition, there are 2 different representations of snakes: on the ground, it represents negativity, influence … evil. Standing up, he becomes light and wisdom. It is even a deity celebrated under the name of Wadjet (or Ouadjet).

The raised serpent does not have the same meaning as the tempting serpent. Rampant on the ground, it is the one that the Virgin Mary crushes with Her feet in many sculptures. The nightmares of my childhood then take on their full meanings: it could ultimately be the terror of seeing evil spreading over the world!

And the archetypal dream then becomes the meeting with the Egyptian serpent of Wisdom, the Ouadjet that we find on the headdresses of the pharaohs (a rising serpent!) We know that in the ancient initiatic schools (the famous schools of the Mysteries) there were trials related to snakes: plunging your hand into baskets filled with snakes, or absorbing venom (to travel to other realities, like Ayahuasca nowadays!)

In each case, it was a question of awakening the human to the knowledge of the immortality of the soul. We finally have the same idea with the legend of Buddha who attains enlightenment shortly after the coming of the serpent. And touched eternity.


On other painting with the White Cobra in this Medicine Painting  (june 2020).


The important thing is that not all representations of snakes have the same meaning. The serpent that crawls is the tempter, the one that rises is the luminous wisdom that awakens.

Now that we have established that, I suggest you explore what this serpent of wisdom can teach us.

For that, we take the direction of the wisdom of the Essenes …

In their traditions, the serpent of wisdom is the Mother of the World who would come to meet us to “help us to triumph over the tempting serpent, of doubt, of fear and of false egoism” *. While the crawling serpents push man into the deceptive light, hypnotize him to possess him, the serpent of Wisdom enables these pests to be triumphed.

The serpent of Wisdom as Mother of the World? Interesting since the White Cobra I had perceived in my dream was a female AND the standing serpent is connected with Kundalini, an energy considered to be a form of Goddess Shakti.


A détail from a wall painting (2019). The White Cobra is at the right of Goddess. 


The Wisdom Snake would therefore be a blessing sent by the Great Mother …

Sublime gift received by Buddha, by Mary too, but not only! Still according to the Essene tradition: “many men and women around the world have lived this experience to varying degrees of intensity because the Egyptians had passed Master in this initiation.” *

The snake is therefore symbolically Wisdom which invites us to understand that it surrounds us, protects us and awakens us … and above all that it is in us! The Buddha and Mary experienced it in a meditative state of emptiness. It is not without significance. It is in silence and rest that wisdom is found, far from turmoil and turmoil. In the luminous glade that we create for Her in order to call Her.

“Then wisdom can come to visit (the human), to touch him, to awaken him, to give birth to him in the light” *.


The snake seems to touch the 3rd eye of this sacred woman. 


I don’t know if I am very clear in this transmission, because how can I put words on all that experiences and encounters that took 5 years to be understood and integrated? I have come to the conclusion that just like the Truth which takes shape in Ma’at, Wisdom is a virtue which has its symbols. Among the Greeks, She was Athena … but in Athena, it is the Wisdom of knowledge, of writings, of knowledge which was represented.

Here, She takes on the features of a straightening serpent, who has learned the great Mastery of the emotions and temptations of the world.

Another common point of all these paintings: the link to the heart. Anahata sees with her heart; in the mural the woman holds a rose on her breast; in “The one who was dreaming …” she holds plants. She wants to show herself, to be shared yes … but to those who are ready … who have an open heart.

Wisdom is no longer male knowledge, but wild and natural.

The on who emerged from guts and intuition.

The one you find behind a sprig of lavender, in a rose quartz or in the waves breaking on a beach.

A nature-all (natural) Wisdom, feminine and mysterious.



We find the Wisdom in the void of our thoughts


In my last painting the White Cobra Wisdom seems to take up more space, which makes me think that She wants to touch or (re)call more people …

And if there is only one thing to remember from this whole article, it is Her appeal.

She is trying to find Her place with us.


In the silence of our thoughts, She embraces us and takes us under Her wing.



Important note: be very careful, I am not urging you to invoke the Cobra in any way, but to create a space of openness of the heart and peace of mind. In the event of an appearance, especially take the time to check who you are in front of you (and this goes for any presence that you could invoke). For this, you can focus on their eyes because the gaze never lies! Be sure of the presence you invite. 100% safe! In these times of evolutionary acceleration, false light interferes more and more. Around us, in our aura, are presences or signatures … to try to describe them as accurately as possible, we could speak of associations (conscious or not) which help humans on the path of their being (while others harm by living at our expense …) I therefore call for the greatest discernment from you.



* extracts of Marie from Olivier Manitara