A highway and a portal

This week I dragged my feet to write.

I drag their feet because I had not moral and I do not want to see a depressing post … too bad.

Let me set the scene for those who do not know. My family and I moved last year (in May) in an extraordinary house, an old mill in a castle park with sufficient land to accommodate pretty ponies honorably … a real favorite (besides, we had visited for the feast of love in 2015.) Only downside, the house is on the route of GCO, the great western bypass, supposedly liberated Strasbourg around these horrible plugs.

We signed knowingly.

We thought our dream to live at least three years.

We were wrong.

Recently everything has accelerated and this week we learned of the planning of the company in charge of the work. Early expropriations: June 2016.

But if I am so deeply moved, is that the plans show the destruction of the barn as the highway will pass above (as well as an incredible glade with a pool and a weeping willow) and the house, in the absence of be destroyed, will be abandoned.

Oh, it is far from perfect be the house! It is hard to heat, the floor of the 1st floor looks west, it only has 3 windows to the south and is surrounded by mud.

I lived in many places, I loved deeply homes where I grew up. But this is different.

It’s a thunderbolt followed by passion.

The kind of passion, you know, where one sees no faults with the other. Or rather, we love even his faults! My heart pounds as I see it, and its flaws.

And like any worthwhile passion, this one will be short.

It will also destructive because little by little I feel useless being unable to save her. I feel guilty for not being able to promise Mr Hollande to pay its future campaign, as does the one who will destroy this paradise. I know Strasbourg force to create a decree banning heavy goods traffic on the A35, as did the one who will destroy my barn (Decree that will be implemented at the time of the opening of the pay / GCO highway: I hate Vinci, but I must acknowledge their intelligence)!

This is for the highway section.

The portal, that’s me. Finally, it is the artist in me!

You’ll see, it’s silly, but as so much my dear husband, it is often the simple truths are the most powerful.

My shamanic painting above cons, tell me about this famous portal. I understood that this was creativity, dialogue between the “world of ideas” and the embodied world. I had seen the transition between the different zones. However, I was far from having a clear vision of this passage.

I had to wait reading the latest book by Elizabeth Gilbert to receive the snap!

Because this bridge, this passage, this portal is what?

This is not the canvas, even less brush.


The real tools, the wonderful instrument to allow ideas to life on Earth, it is the artist (yes, it is a simple truth ALL.)

My canvas was talking to me the role I had to play as the portal between worlds. She showed me that I had much more important than I could see the not so …

Funny, no, this timing? When I feel miserable and helpless, I get a big slap in the head that said “but why do you think? Do not you see that you’re needed?”

So even if a highway just crush the existence of this little piece of paradise (which had resisted until then face all these square fields, empty and depressing of the plain of Alsace) that specific location was able to open a prodigious portal .