What a joy, coming back here to share this big painting with you!

I was stuck on this paint (and the 2 more) since february (but the beginnings were soooo easy!)

Going outside with all my stuff, under the trees, I was starting to paint them… The woman just appears (a lot of layers for the magic to happen!) I just had to bring her to life!

And the… obvious… the boughs were her arms! Loving myths, I remember the story of Daphne. She was in front of me.

Daphne priestess of Artemis (THE archetype of the eternal virgin), symbolizes the rejection of love, the hermetic feelings and sexual passion. Apollo mocked Eros, this one invited Cupid to shoot two arrows: one gold (love) for Apollo, and lead (disgust) for Daphne … Apollo, madly in love, showed many tricks to try to approach Daphne (including changing to animals). In their last race, he almost catch up. Terror-stricken, she requests help. Zeus or Gaia turns her into the laurel which was the emblem of the god.

We go through life, sometimes being Apollo, mad with love and disappointment, sometimes being Daphne and rejecting the other. I see, int this myth, the symbol of the complexity of human relationships.

I also see the power of intention … would you be willing to suffer the consequences of a blind prayer?