Aroma, season 2

Whenever I marvel, it makes me want to share these moments, to testify … and this is the opportunity to give news! I do not like writing to write, just to show that my site is alive. Moreover, Facebook often sends me notifications telling me that those who love my page, have not heard from me for a long time. Well yes, thank you Facebook to worry for me, but hey, it’s not my kind of blablater to convey emptiness …

In short, as the title of this article betrays, it is still a wonder associated with aromatherapy. And to understand everything, we will go through an instant “flashback”. So beware: cutesy music, fuzzy artistic and pink color of your screen, here we go:

When I turned to chemistry, it was because I wanted to create perfumes. But, my parents can not pay me study Grass (sad music!) I still decided to learn more about this matter: direction the nearest university (music “she takes her life in hand “!). And it pleased me so much that I finally joined the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) in environmental chemistry. And yes, I had coupled two of my many passions: chemistry and healing of the Earth (victorious music).

However, I was not happy … I used to cry in my lab, when I was alone … making me feel guilty because I had a wonderful job! From the first week of my parental leave, I lacked chemistry (to believe that one is never satisfied with anything, it was hopeless!) And I compensated by creating my cosmetics, household products, etc … but I followed recipes instead of composing them myself. So very quickly, that was not enough anymore. I needed to create new things, just as I needed to create paintings that had never existed before.



8 years later, here I am, composing my own aromatic synergies. It even goes beyond my own perfumes! They are energetic (which links another passion still: my spiritual quest).

After desperation comes the understanding: everything we do in our life, when we allow ourselves to do what we love, makes sense.

One day, the scheme is unveiled, and it’s a wonderful feeling!





Maybe you’re lacking clarity right now? Or you have not yet find your life mission? Here is a simple exercise that I did recently and that allowed me to see, by taking a step back, that it was possible to link what we love, or liked to do in our life:

On a paper, make a list of all that you have, one day, dreamed to do in life, or all that you liked to do: that it is internships, subjects in school, …

By plunging into your past, you can make beautiful discoveries. Here is another example: in high school, I decided to take a cinema option (in addition to classes …)

There was the possibility to do plastic arts, but I did not like my drawings or paintings to be noted (my “good” paintings sometimes did not exceed 12/20 and my drawings quickly could reach 19/20. .. it was to understand nothing!)

I never really knew why I chose this video arts option. There was no sense, except to earn me points at the BAC (but also to have one more exam to pass and lose the opportunity to return earlier every Friday afternoon).

And it is by creating the videos of my creative classes that I finally had the use of all the know-how accumulated in this option. Until then, it never made sense in my CV!

Now that you have your list, try to make connections between your passions. On my list, there is also galloping on horseback, healing the Earth, teaching, … We can imagine a job composed of these 3 passions: teaching a healing of the Earth through the horse. After all, there is a new psychotherapy by the horse (self care)!

The point is that you may be waiting for a job that does not exist yet. You can stumble upon it and have the confirmation or use your reason to invent it …

It’s not always easy. But intuition is there to help us, I am more than convinced! ! ! !




There are days when I have the chance to do something that makes sense to me. I’m happy from a to z. I do not live there, far from it. But I find a meaning, a clarity … which is good.

And today, was one of these days! I created 2 new synergies: “root 1” and “root 2”.

As these are synergies realized by intuition, I always have a doubt about what I do.

NOTE : above all, continue to doubt! Never let anyone tell you to leave your doubts aside, to “let go of your mind”. No. Doubt is what allows reasoning, to experiment in healthy conditions. Removing doubt is dangerous! Doubt is a compass. Spiritual development can quite go through salutary doubt.

Ok. There is a good chance that my mix will end up feeling good, but frankly … will it activate my root chakra? For whom do you take (impostor syndrome, hello!)?

And then I pour the synergy on me and I stimulate my root chakra so much that I find myself nailed to my chair! It vibrates, it tickles legs at the perineum … and seized by surprise, I finish in tears saying that I created something that works.


Notice the home made label lol, street art fashion !


The super good news is multiple:

  • 1. I will launch and sell these synergies (and go beyond my impostor syndrome which think that I absolutely can not make such things available, that I am not an aromatherapist, etc., etc.). ..) but after all, I can justify a master’s degree in chemistry !
  • 2. I have filmed the creation of the “Root 2” synergy from A to Z (including my haleluia moment when I test the mix for the first time and I chirp “oh but it’s too good” and “ok, but it’s crazy!” … well, it’s very funny, but I’m going to cut it off at the editing stage) and I’ll propose SO, yes, an “intuitive aromatherapy” class (the title remains still to find!)




And otherwise ? Why 2 synergies for the same chakra?

Because of my doubts! !

When I read the first recipe given by my guides, I thought frankly, it was weird … out of 5 oils, there was only 1 that was known for its interaction with the root chakra. I thought to use them all, as we can see in recipes on the internet, something like: patchouli + cedar + carrot!

So I ask for a second recipe that has more usual elements. Imagine me : “yes, uh, thank you for the recipe, but you would not have a thing that comes out a little less beaten track?”

The surprise is that this second recipe had nothing to do with the first, but, yes they had a little more known oils (2 instead of 1, wow!). I was not “satisfied”, but I decided to trust and invest in the purchase of oils that I did not know!

I made the mixes, filming them, without much conviction … I felt a bit like spoiling my money (hold, as for my beginnings in intuitive painting!) And BAM, as I said, the test was more than conclusive! And for the 2 of them by the way !

“Root 1” is more feminine … it vibrates more in connection with the sacred feminine.

“Root 2” is more in the anchor strong … as if … ah … and as if we had eaten a tourmaline (lol, do not do that huh!)



So one rather feminine and the other rather masculine. Is not it perfect?

As if…

Dare I think so?

As if, my guides knew in advance that I was going to ask for 2 recipes …

Wait what ?!

If I start thinking like that, I will blow up my mind!

Pfff … and then finally, it would not surprise me anymore. I understand that they are really talented anyway. I bow !





Kissing you all. Have a nice week!