Some news…

This is a somewhat rotten title, I must admit … but he spent a lot of little things here and I have not found a term encompassing all.

But uh … wait … is March already?

Yes, and in style!

Because I was lucky that organizes me, just to bibi, my first birthday surprise! (I reversed the candles on the cake. Nobody saw anything 🙂 suddenly, everyone thinks I’m 23 years old!)

… And like they know me well, I’ve got a magical gift for me … one LOMO camera to replace my polaroid (I had driven to Santa last year but had not finance.)

So, again full of energy, I found the urge to take care of my Etsy shop (a little left out for the moment, I must admit) and it has not only expanded ( more than doubled even!) but also benefited from global changes Etsy (which changed head since Monday.) Want to see what happens?

I will continue to enrich … I even looking for a solution to reproduce on my paintings cheaply art paper to reach all pockets.

Meanwhile, I made a video presentation of my work with global EXCLUSIVE, excerpts from upcoming videos! And we do not laugh with my performance … please everyone is not comfortable or deva
nt the camera, or in English, much less without script! Yeah, that’s … very refreshing as a way to make promotional videos!
Since I started, I also changed the logo of the website!


How do you find him?

Finally, a few words on the last weekend (April 2 and 3) which took place a very friendly festival (and very well organized) in the meadow … next to home!

So we went from 0 came a day before the mill about 2000.

For me, the dice were thrown a little about this paid highway through the house. I saw little that could oppose it. And now I found dynamism, because, yes, things can still change, yes, common sense can win!



2000 people who have felt affected by the incurable disorder that would allegedly go!

In short, the sun came out on my little corner of the universe. I needed good;)