My challenge – 30 days challenge : D#1

I decided to embark on the adventure of the challenge of writing 30 days. Standing EVERY day in front of the screen to write (not just a 2 little words on Facebook), but something meaningful, real, that make me think and share what I am at the bottom.

This is not the first time I speak of authenticity… yet, how to let radiate what is inside by staying in the right?

At the funeral of my adored grandmother last week, I listened carefully to the pastor (much more than in the past, having a little path on my spirituality) and I was struck by what he said : considering 2 persons acting strictly identical, what action will the fairest? Although the external work is the same, these two different persons are inside. The path and the action of the heart, the inner correctness will be the one that makes the difference …

Besides, I think this is where we find fear. Being authentic is also to be SO vulnerable.

Thus started my 30 day blog challenge. Challenge that will allow me, I am sure, to weave a rewarding experience blog:

My beginnings in weaving, love the colors!