Duality – 30 days challenge – D#11

In foreground, painting “duality” 80 X 100 cm, details, by Fannoche

Spending time in my studio made me much good.

As I told you the importance of entering each day in the creative space (which is enter the DAILY studio), I entered mine. I spent time taking pictures here and there. I was doing a little tweaking, collage of inspiration …

I did not put pressure on me to paint!

And sometimes the expected miracle happens, I suddenly felt invaded by the desire to attack one of my paintings. A canvas that I have done much sweat! Gradually, as it slowly revealed, reflections on the duality* returned to me.

The world is based on duality.

There is of course the gender duality, man and woma … one exists because of the other. Up exists only because there is a low.

Same with the right and left.

Small and large.

Hot and cold.

We could go on and on, because even the colors have their opposite!

Thus, if we know a state of being, such as anxiety or tension for example, it may be useful to remember in that moment, that we live in a dualistic reality and that another state, the opposite state exists. This is wonderful to remember and to return to calm. An interesting exercise is to tense every muscle in your body a few moments and then release all : what a relief! I invite you to try it yourself, it’s very impressive.


Man exists only because the woman exists.

And what is interesting is that these two parts are available in each of us. The female part, dedicated to intuition, inside and symbolized by the moon and water. The mal part dedicated to action, to advanced and symbolized by the sun, fire.

To act in the embodied world, we must first get the idea and then undertake it.

In us, a dialogue must take place:

“I have an idea,” says the queen.

“Let’s put the fire” says the king*.

Just imagine a king without a queen, who is unable to grasp the meaning of his actions. It works, is hoping to find what he lacks. In the end it is consumed, runs out. A queen without a king may have ten ideas but never move to the creative phase. His idea never incarnate. With must integrate the 2 parts to be in balance.

My new canvas, yet speaks of a different duality.

A duality in the woman herself.

Unveiling tomorrow;)