Others – 30 days challenge D#14

Today as yesterday, I have a little trouble to put me to the keyboard.

Today as yesterday, I did than willing to talk about others.

Today as yesterday, I could tell you about my husband and all his helpers (and they are many, including here, I am entitled to a pretty building my future website.)

I could also talk to friends who realize an ultra cool series on YouTube called Freez.

I could tell you about crowded except me, my children, their games (they make miso soup with dish soap …), their building (a robot, because as they want to be jedi Halloween, they need a R2D2. Theirs is called Idadogougougou (say it out loud, so if it’s too funny)).

I could talk about horses (adopted four months ago) which still trouble me because caring for them is such a new world (basically I am afraid:
– They are hungry,
– thirst,
– They become too big,
– They do wrong,
– They do not work enough,
– They are bored,
– They get sick,
– They do not like me, etc …)

I learn every day in the equestrian world, it’s true and that’s also what worries me: what will be the errors I’m doing now and I’ll realize tomorrow? Will they not too serious?

So, I turn on the past and look at the road traveled. Son of needle, I digress increasingly far in my thoughts machine back in time. Mistakes, there. Choice, life direction … I think my philosophy of teaching error (whether in the acceptance of my children unwittingly correct errors, painting where I allow myself to do n ‘anything.)

And no, these are not my mistakes I see when I turn around.

My anxieties are loosened.

Only remains the beauty encountered on the course.

Really, the mistakes, the rest … … …
… we do not care.