2016 holliday

I’ll be honest with you …

I have long been reluctant to share those vacation photos. Simply because the place is still wild, no concrete, no tourist. One would almost want to keep the secret of this little world.

And when I say “little piece of the world” is not an expression!

Here is the tip of Brittany. The end of Europe what;)


Finistère more precisely, near Brest where also held with the Maritime Festival … to our delight, the presence of old rigs (replications, but still …) and sailboats joined the port Brest passing our house (what a feeling!)


Me who love tales and wonderful atmospheres, the name of Britain has always had an almost magical connotation. It was only later that I discovered … but what a discovery! She has so lived up to my expectations.

Wild, mysterious

His gnarled trees with wish.

The blue sea surrounded by his ferns.

The dialogues with korrigans.

The victorious menhirs.


These few days spent with the wonderful Britain will have fulfilled my inner well … and has produced many clicks! You can expect many posts in the near future (of course, returning home, I started in various embodiments!) But in the meantime, a few more inspiring photos:






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Do not also tell me if you already know hesitate Britain (and other nice places to discover) because it’s decided, we will return very soon!