Samhain – 30 days challenge D#16


I did not write this post October 31 because of a particularly busy day and just because I wanted to live this particular day BOTTOM.


Because we come to the time when the light has lost ground against the darkness. So the spirit took the opportunity to visit us! Above all, it is a period of strong year questions about yourself …

On that day thoughts to those who have left us, it may be interesting to know if we really knew. It’s never quite the case, but more often a trait emerges in particular. If we could communicate with our ancestors, their would we ask? What strengths do they owned that we want to see grow in us? Perhaps they are gone, but the lessons remain. For us to see which will be useful for all this shadow period (up imbolc) and to help us delve into our darkest parts.

We can not hide these shares to the spirits and it can scare us, but it is also an ideal location for daring to update and face them. It was so used to deeply bury our needs, our feelings, our pleasures when they are not in harmony with our environment. It is time to become whole. It is time to know.

What am I hiding all these years? Who am I? What do I need?

May find the wild woman through this withdrawal asset? Your true nature is likely to prove but the answers will not come in one day. Yet we can be certain that down, like Earth in darkness, the light will come back even more beautiful 🙂