The “Chartres” experience

We are three streets from the Cathedral, when I finally receive the signal… it’s the long-awaited moment to take out the chopsticks.

I didn’t have “permission” to do it the day before. I accepted it.

So I wandered around the cathedral with my intuition as my only guide. Discover it differently than I had imagined.

Later I got the answer. A confirmation.

How right I was to do so!


Main entrance.



The approach

The dowsing rods are out. It’s cold and windy. We just had an orange alert last night.

Yet they clearly indicate the path to take, without blinking in the wind!

First in a winding movement, which is the symbol of telluric, Yin and feminine energy. Ok, we are directly connected to the correct channel. We are moving slowly.

Suddenly, when turning 2nd street, the passage becomes blocked: the rods cross.

Let the investigations begin! Is this the place that cannot accommodate us? Or us, who are not ready enough?

I test different possibilities and I discover that I am afraid of the judgment of others, seeing myself with dowsing rods. I’m afraid people will think I’m crazy!

I know that I had a lot of difficulty with the judgment of others (abandonment wound, hello!) I’m not too surprised, since it’s a theme I’ve been working on since the launch of my last workshop.

Today, I have already evolved a lot on this point. And that’s when I notice something interesting that I hadn’t seen before…

As I become more and more accustomed to working with dowsing rods in quiet, deserted places, I am regularly challenged to do so in front of more people.

Yes. I am convinced that life guides us towards our own healing, constantly. By putting ourselves in front of obstacles reflecting our inner fragmentations… the areas to repair. These are the famous “triggers” which can serve as therapeutic compasses.

Taking out the rods in a cathedral, I have never done it and I know that the place is crowded, whatever the time or day of this week. This makes me uncomfortable and I need to do this work now, if I want to enjoy what this sacred place will have to offer me.

Anchoring. Breathing.

It’s not enough. The road is still blocked.

I should declare out loud: “I accept who I am” so that I can finally move forward.

Throughout this discovery of several hours, the gaze of others will weigh less and less on me… A few curious glances at most. Always friendly.

Let’s not forget that we are in Chartres after all. A mysterious place that has seen more strange behavior than that…


North face.



We continue our path, leaving the meandering energy for a major breathing phase. This means that the sacred site is particularly alive and active.

The cathedral appears before us! Majestic in size.

However, not once will we feel dizzy or feel very small in front of her. On the contrary… it seems to grow on us. This perception is incredible in itself!

In front of this south face, we draw a spiral with 3 turns.

The next blockage positions us in front of the Moon Tower (North Tower).

I then explain the symbolism of the inverted towers and then of the statue of the donkey, in front of which we are stopped right in front.

In the latter case, it is a question of activating the transformation of the unconscious human into a conscious human. The new age and esotericism, alchemy too, all describe this human 2.0 in many ways: man 6, adamic, new, crystalline, Christic… Each time, it is the same essence: a human healed and defragmented.

Isn’t that the point of sacred sites?

Feeding on cosmic energies yes! But what to do with it, basically?



North Tower.


This is the question we will be asked a little later, when we enter.

Because once the symbolism of the new man is explained, the rods will take us forward, to the West face.

New spiral, interior this time. Then interesting blockage: BACK to the North Tower.

I test and discover that this time it is about accepting our feminine completely.

We breathe and anchor ourselves, the way opens! To get stuck a few steps further.

There, it will be a question for us of raising awareness of the fact that we must accept what will be given to us. Whatever.

The dowsing rods then place us in front of the great Entrance with great Breathing and rapid attraction.

All the work before entry is preparation work, as we will have understood. You must be ready to receive Notre Dame!

And in front of the door on the right, we will only be able to enter when we have each taken turns expressing our intentions and our expectations to dive into the stone vessel.

This boat of Solomon.

This temple in the most beautiful sense that we can give it.


Preparation work

I’m not surprised of course. I had the intuition that I had to prepare.

So, since 2 weeks ago when my husband surprised me by having prepared a 2-day detour to Chartres, I have done some research in works by geobiologists and historians.

And some cards of course!


Cards and book, the day before…



It is a question here of experiencing the sovereign feminine. Not in the sense of superiority over other energies of course!

But to access the abundant and prosperous royalty of the feminine… which is precisely what I am exploring in the abandonment workshop!

The timing is perfect.

But even more than that.

For Jean Markale, Notre Dame de Chartres is the essence of the feminine in royalty.

Chartres had to come into my life, I always knew it. I’ve been silently dreaming about it for a long time, but it never happened… and there, without asking, it’s my husband who surprises me: “by the way, darling, I watched , but it’s a nice detour, but I thought you’d be happy to go to Chartres, right?”

Hashtag: #besthusbandintheworld.

Well yes, I would like that! Yes Yes Yes Yes.





As succinctly explained at the beginning of the page, I was not allowed to take out the rods on the first day.

So I made sure with the family that we would return there the next day, although it was not planned that way.

We would therefore make 2 visits by postponing our departure the next day.

Then it was the big moment. In my head, film music and trumpets: here it is, there it is.

And poof, we were disillusioned: we discovered a cathedral surrounded by noise and smoke… in the middle of exterior and interior work.

The days and times would not allow us to experience the labyrinth or visit the crypt.

So yes, I was prepared with books for all of this, but I hadn’t thought to look at the most recent Google reviews.

Hard blow. But that gives me plenty of reasons to come back! ! ! ! !

So, I entered the cathedral trying to brush away these big frustrations.

I decided to follow my instinct for this first visit. Immediately, we were subject to major headaches. Whirring sounds. And even nausea.

I forgot everything I had read, no longer having any bearings. Following the indications of my intuition only.

The children were particularly interested in the immense sculpture in the choir recounting the life of Mary, so we spent a lot of time there.

As well as on certain stones, which called us.

Discovery of the relic of Mary’s veil.

And finally, appearance of the Virgin on the Pillar… whitened.

New wave of frustrations! And anger.

This statue had a strange effect on me. A faintness.

In short, this first visit was difficult.





We let ourselves be carried away in the city in the same way. I bought Japanese items in a dedicated store (finally dried bonito!!!!) and bought a book about the cathedral.

What was my surprise when I read:

“Chartres is the only place that is visited twice during the pilgrimage.” (P. Bruckenstein)

And that’s exactly what happened to us!

According to the author, the first visit is in terms of purification, then the second, of activation.

I had the explanation for the headaches and nausea.

And my total forgetting of my research. A real unprecedented blackout!

My intuition pushing me to take the REVERSE path to everything I had read on this subject…

Because the first pass had to be reversed. There had to be purification.

To the point of triggering my periods during the night (5 days early!)


Interior facade



The Quest

This second visit, with the wands, is therefore an activation visit, which can only take place after a first preparatory visit. Purifying.

This little inner voice had once again been confirmed.

My scientific background needs this kind of justification. And besides, they are the ones I like to transmit the most…

But here we are entering the cathedral, from the right this time. And the rods call to continue to the left, as described by geobiologists.

Everything is reversed for this 2nd visit.

Just like another well-known inversion here: the moon and sun towers.

Indeed, the North tower, feminine side, should be the tower of the moon. However, it is a sun which is present at its summit. And its architecture is Gothic, brighter and therefore yang.

The South tower (south = Yang) has a moon at its top and is of Romanesque architecture, darker and therefore more feminine.

The visit continues.

Please note that I could not describe all the activations or all the details of each. Hours passed like minutes, we had a lot of interesting experiences. One or two articles will not be enough.





For the rest, the rods direct us towards the left font and block it. We must anoint ourselves to continue.

The path is not straight. Wa approach a lot, the pillars.

We will create 2 vortices.

Then the rods stop us again, our backs to the pillar, our gaze resting on one of the stained glass windows…

(Same, I won’t have enough of an article to talk about them, but oh! how sublime the stained glass windows of this cathedral are!)

We see a scale there and I test it. Indeed, the teaching will focus on the notion of balance and the 3rd Way.

Which will be confirmed to us a few moments later in front of the statue of Jesus… telling us that the trinity is the overcoming of duality towards the peace of harmony.

The center as the key to this earthly life.

Then head to the north portal and a discharge stone which will rid us of our slag.

But that is not enough. The rods will block in front of a parlor to affirm our sins out loud. This is a first for me, who is Protestant!

But I enjoyed it. We let go of everything: desires, jealousies, weaknesses, and so on…

Then the wands install us in the area of the Virgin of the Pillar on the right benches, so as not to disturb the people in prayer.

My attention is focused on the Apple she is holding.

Jean Markale, in his work, spoke precisely of this presence. He attributes it to the concept of redemption from Eve’s sin through the arrival of Mary.

The sins expressed a few seconds before are all forgiven.

It’s beautiful and powerful. We feel lighter.

Then our attention is strongly absorbed by the hearts present.

Moreover, we notice that our energy has risen to the level of the heart whereas before it was very present in the legs.

The famous center that we experienced a few minutes ago.


The Virgin of the Pillar… whitened



The divining rods will then block us in front of the painting of Mary Magdalene, making an interesting sign with her arms! A cross in front of Her solar chakra.

After some tests, we understand here that once purified from our sins, we do remain responsible for them.

We are responsible for refusing future sins and interference in our lives (the 3rd Way helps a lot with this!)

Vortex in front of StJoseph in the Yang direction this time. We understand that the sacred masculine is embodied by this symbolic figure. Appropriate activation.

Then, guided activation in front of the Veil relic.

We will have masterful confirmation of the accuracy of this energetic experience, in the moment, by an… astonishing noise! We all burst out laughing (but discreetly of course!)

The effect is masterful on me: I suddenly no longer have any pain in my body.

We enjoy deep breaths in the choir and quickly descend the south face with snaking energy.

The last activation will take place in the Chapel of the Heart of Jesus, near the right entrance.

She will give us a great experience which I will summarize as follows: “placing trust in the heart allows us to overcome all obstacles!”






The activations were numerous during this second visit and I will come back (in a second article or in any case on a dedicated page in the abandonment workshop!) to speak of the teaching of the Virgin of the Pillar which was “the pillar” (ahahah) of this integration for me.

Besides, it’s with her that I would leave the cathedral (no, I didn’t steal it! Just a small purchase at the store!)

After these powerful moments, we all feel lighter and energized.

It’s already time to hit the road again for the east of France.

But my integration will continue for several days.

(to be continued…)

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And see you soon, for the rest!



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