Bonus day – 30 days challenge

That’s the bonus text. The one I wrote for the end of the challenge and to which I have given (a call from my intuition, without any other reasoning …)

Follow his own advice …

Talking is good, still have to apply its own moments of wisdom (I have not often, huh … what had until then this is the harvest of a lifetime lol).

So all this time, yes, I pushed the door of my little studio. Yes I applied a color, or so little brushstroke as that day I did not feel anything coming. Yes, I sought inspiration. Yes I meditated to give space to ideas.

And the miracle has occurred.

I’m just finishing finishes a canvas and I advanced a few others (the vast still makes me a little scared, but once all the others will be finished, I will not have the choice of the face!)

Finalizing edges.


My website also advance in parallel (produced in cooperation with my personal web developer;) it takes time the home made) with a nice logo on which I have not hurt retouching! The site’s texts were also created during all this time … reviewed and quite often corrected before being fully satisfied. A nice work I hope to unveil soon! Nice going, it going! HipHipHip? Hooray!

All that to say that the end of these 30 days is not the end of the blog! On the contrary;) I hope you continue, just as many (and I must be always surprise your number), to follow me. Feel free to comment, share your paintings, your changes. You are always welcome here;)