My journey

Thank you for coming on SheArtsWild

My name is Fanny… And Wild is the name that I choose after my first initiation to the sacred feminine.



 wild for my childhood nickname, « la p’tite sauvage »

◊ wild for my stream, the Wildbach

◊ wild for my love in wild territories 

wild for my meeting with the Wild Goddess 



Shamanic practitioner trained in sacred art in 2014 by Light Horse, I allowed myself belatedly to live with my intuition.

Like many others, it’s when I was a child that I started to know things (detect lies, guess the future) … but I was mostly interested in the world of science.

I spent 9 years studying chemistry (master 1), physics (master 2) and geochemistry (phd) in Strasbourg, France. I am “tidy”. Not for long … the search was not the ideal and bright world that I had naively imagined. I left my phd after moral harassment. I felt destroyed.

It is in the intimacy of my family that I rediscovered my femininity.

I decided to give space to this wild woman, to explore, to understand, to love … I am the first woman that my practices have rebuilt and healed!

I am now listening to her in every part of my life and I accompany women who wish, to reconnect with their sacred feminine.



What the sacred feminine help me to learn about : 

◊ My creativity ◊

Artist, I do not comply with the desire for productivity in the field of art. I like exploring new things! I can paint large canvases in series then decide to give me time to create mandalas on clay or wool hang… I do not restrain my creativity under the pretext of coherence. I allow it to multiply, to extend, without any other goal than to follow my own inner journey, the voices of my soul.

◊ The respect for what I am ◊

I am more and more listening to my cycles and I allow myself to go at my own pace. I could create more classes or paintings by jostling my processes … But I chose to do it according to my impulses: sometimes inspiration and rest, sometimes creation and sharing.

◊ Compassion ◊

I also decide to mother my children differently, opting for homeschooling. I am keen to develop the maternal feeling that we have in our guts of women. For me it is not a mother’s weakness, as our modern culture claims it to be. Contrary to this belief that separation is beneficial for parents and children, our children are more sociable (because they have incorporated the rules of life into society, helped by a constant example) and more mature (they have more compassion for others.)

◊ My relationship to my Earth and my body ◊

Responsible and ecological food. Frequently vegan, always vegetarian. I made the choice of a living food, good for the Earth (with which the women are in close relationship), but also in the respect of my body and the ones of my children.

◊ My spirituality ◊

We all have a spiritual part inside us. To develop it, allows us to live a more fulfilling and joyful life. Because of my personal attractions, I turned to eco-spirituality (shamanism) that nourished my intuition (intuitive painting has allowed me to create works that make sense) and my femininity. With practice, I increased my energy perceptions and multiplied the unforgettable experiences. I refined my connection with the Earth on another dimension.

◊ My autonomy ◊

I am convinced that women can develop only in a benevolent community spirit. But being autonomous is not synonymous with loneliness! It is a path to gaining more self-confidence. Although we are beautifully surrounded, we are the only ones who can access our interiority and find our way.



My commitments are clearly explained on this page,

to combine creativity, femininity, spirituality and environment.




The birth of SheArtsWild : “What’s more logical than sharing these exciting practices ?”

Since my training in shamanic art then in intuitive painting (2014-2015), I have not stopped practicing, experimenting, living every day these different currents, whether for my own care, my curiosity or for the fine pleasure to communicate with the dimensions of the muses.



I found myself experiencing powerful initiations.

To doubt what was happening to me.

To apply my scientific reflexes in the study of the energetic worlds.

And to accept that our reality is so much greater.



Gradually, I realized that we all had in us wonderful abilities of self-healing and evolution. I started by sharing my creations and their message (not sure of their welcome …) until today, to propose real shamanic classes!

Getting out of the shadows has been a real challenge (old witches prefer discretion: we know why!) And today it is a joy that is constantly renewed: beautiful encounters, beautiful validations (the same messages or experiences received by different people) and a sense of community that is growing in benevolence.

And to fill my teacher fiber (former L1 L2 vacant at the university and then Montessori educator part time), I animate since 2018 creative workshops (focused either on the intuitive technique or the shamanic association) in a wonderful mountain setting. Check the dates !



Hope you will enjoy spending time on SheArtsWild. Don’t hesitate to watch some of my creative videos here ! Hoping to make you want to materialize your sacred feminine, already in you :


“With all love,








SheArtsWild was born in a colorful explosion. A chemical and sensual reaction to which 3 ingredients have been enough to give it life: femininity, wilderness and precious pigments. Since then, she seeks (because SheArtsWild necessarily is a “she”!) to radiate authenticity, whether in the creative process itself (intuitive, free and saving) or in original works colorful, fresh and generous.