The game of paint

This is an amazing activity, so amazing in fact that I wanted to make you know.

So what is it?

The game painting was created by Arno Stern and like all good things, his work has simmered! For 50 years !!!

50 years passed with children.

50 years to refine its comments, try new things, or even return to the old.

50 years of travel among different peoples (virgin, a little, of the Western world).

But it took him much less time to discover the immense creative potential of a child. We have to let them connect to their own needs. That means to let them paint what they want, without interruption by giving opinion (exit definitively the “oh that’s nice” or the “Should you instead make your windows smaller? “)

Arno Stern was in favor of letting children quiet’s sake !! The child is free to paint what they need without fear of judgment of another, or the interpretation of what is called “the trace”. For this trace can be completely freely, the adult works with the child without judging or teaching any technique. His role is to support: moving a bug, make a stool, add water in a bucket …

And that is a real success because, thereby, the Game of painting allows children to develop autonomy and grow among the others.

Being creative is to be balanced, the opposite of an aggressive and desperate individual.
Arno Stern 



Arno Stern’s books are exciting, but they aren’t in english for the moment…

With some photos, I invite you to discover the workshops “spontaneous colors” that we often had the opportunity to follow me and my kitties (yes I know it’s not fair, it is the grandmother of my children that animates and who mades her training with Arno Stern… she will fascinate you too!) Oh! I believe that it is needless to say that this is exciting !!

In the studio of the workshops

The painty table