Make yourself home

Hi! Today there it is a work I’ve done for challenge with lindy’s stamp gang (color challenge info).

Here the idea : colors are given and then let’s play with this wonderful supply : the lindy’s stamp gang’s sprays!!! Their collection is huge and who, yes who, would not want to have them all?

Cause : colors are unique,  vibrant, and with the Starbust they’re also shimmering! They’re Incredible to use with or without stencils. I really love to use them in my journal, samples here. The possibilities with acrylic have no end. Yes, I admit it, I’m in love 🙂

Tada !!!!!

The message of this paint “Make yourself Home” reminds me that the place  where we are truly ourselves is inside ourselves. That’s not simple!! Our true Home is not made by materials or by the others around us. It’s inside our deep being. It is in these place in where we have to go to recharge ourselves.

I start with a under layer with papers gluing with medium gel transparent. I’m not having to much colors here.

When I’m ok with it I add some textures with Gesso and stencils (home made.)

Then let’s have fun!!! I spray, spray and spray again. My under layer is good for me.

Since the begining I wanted a tree. I’ve cut the form as stencil and then I spray some blue denim. On an other paper I cut some leaves, fixed by gel too.

Finally an owl appears. I didn’t wait too long before giving her birth. 

Her look to the tree is full of hope and doubts : will it fit and be a perfect Home? She’s to decide quickly cause now it’s starting to rain.

Supply used.