Samhain 2016

We are already back in this day of Samhain!

What’s beautiful with the cycles, is the opportunity to see how we have come a long way … finally, there is no question of cycle but rather than spirals. We never find exactly the same point. We have advanced.

And in this year 2016, I understand a little more this day of Samhain. Always a little better.

To celebrate, I offer you a little work to do on that particular day.

Halloween is one of the largest festivals, one of the most celebrated as one of the deepest. Yes spirits come to visit us, but it is only to bring us their wisdom and we can ask them to help us 🙂

Take a pen and paper and make the following lists (1 affirmation per line, it’s important!):

On this day, I honor the Black Goddess (the Black part of the Goddess) witch is destructive. This dark part engulfs what must die. I call and I honor this killer hand of divine power, my own power in me.

On this day, I free myself and I let die behind me, anything that blocks me and my way which increases as (fill in the blank) :

  • my fear of …
    my fear of …
    my fear of …

I give up on living, on this night of Samhain, my outdated beliefs: (complete)

  • I’m not …
  • I’m not …
  • I’m not enough …

All these beliefs will be transformed. Everything becomes possible.

I even called the Black Goddess and the spirits of my ancestors to start the work – necessary and beneficial- of transformation. The destruction is sought as the first act of fulfillment of any transformation. So I also asked them to destroy my identities and roles that enclose me or where others have shut me. These masks that serve me (fill, for example: the shy, boss, friend scoffed, …)

Look at your list! Would it not extraordinary to be able to separate yourself from all these burdens? Here you can add the relationships you want to get rid: eg friendships that no longer serve you, toxic people, …


A bundle of fears, ready to jump in fire (and just red as fire!) 

It’s time to cut each statement of your list (hence the need to have one per line) and read it aloud.

This small pile of cut paper, will burn or bury, or even carried away by the water, depending on your affinity with the elements. For me it’s fire! I fold the paper and filled a little “bundle”, a round piece of tissue (but a jacket fits the bill!) You can add dried plants (I put this year Wort, Sage and Lavender) as a thank (after all, it is a sacred burden that is going to take for you!) And tonight, when it gets dark, you can cast your “bullets” in the fire!

Thank you for your help Black Mother. Thank you my ancestors for your guidance.

Give me the clarity to see what needs to be destroyed and the strength to destroy what should be.

Thank you to take and destroy all my blockages.

So, all my fears, my outdated beliefs, my social roles endorsed despite myself, relationships that weigh me, ANYTHING holding me, blocking me, is slain, buried and left behind.

Their destruction releases a large part of my life, that my soul may act in the world for my benefit and that of others.


(and you can sing LET IT GO if you want!!!!)