Art journal

Today, I’d like to talk to you about a great way to blow your creativity by using a personal journal.

Fill a canvas can be scary… and yes, afraid to put your first drop of paint, fear not to arrive to the final result that was in your head. So, we do not make the first step… Even if it’s not absolutely beautiful (as we’ve imagined it) at least, we tried, we learned, we have done the work (this is REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT to find our own voice.)

First step is the hardest. You can fear it but jump!

And we don’t deprive ourselves to bring out beautiful that are in us.

Why not, then, try the adventure on a fun book, forgiveness, work? This notebook is personal, which means that you can hide it from view 🙂 The huge advantage is its format, wide choice… so we can start on small pages to fill.


Well, the rest is up to you… You may not want to do anything other than to have fun and play. Personally I tested color arrangements and for that I am not comfortable with the characters I allow myself to draw a lot of them, always crazy! Funny face or arms, here we let go our extravagances …

You can find many ideas on the net, on Pinterest, there are many beautiful things but above all do not atttention complex you by what some artists are able to achieve.


Some small examples? Here are the pages that I achieved in the past. Choices are more or less wise but you learn from your mistakes right? There are no wrong : if you succeed, good, if I don’t you’ll learn MORE.