I’m a beginner

School again!
Autumn is here but he gives me dynamism (weird, right?) and to find so motivation to take photos about some paints that can not be scanned. It takes me some time to work on them, to reflect their real colors… still there are some differents!
These 2 paints are both special :
La chamane. 21 X 21 Mixed media by Fanny Wild, inspired by Juliette Crane
L’homme à l’ours. 30 X 30. Mixed media by Fanny Wild, inspired by Juliette Crane
Some explanations needed : yes I’m a beginner, yes I love to explore new things and that’s why I’m taking the online course of Juliette Crane. These paints are very close to the ones she realized… shame? No, I’m learning!
The girl, I’m so in love with, that she was nearly dried that she was on my wall!
I always see what other do and try my own way… I view her videos and start the lesson 3 days after… and guess what ; these bear and these man were so close to what she does, it was amazing.
You won’t find them in my shop… they’re not mine but if you like them, see the originals here.