Wolf stories

 Who didn’t dream about these strength of the nature : the wolf?
The archetype of the wolf talks about intelligence, bravery and also to freedom, wild freedom! When it appears, he can suggest us to look inside, to discover our true nature…


Histoires de loup
In the eyes of the dark wolf, mixed media, 21 X 29 cm par Fanny Wild

In the eyes of this dark wolf, I learn to reconnect to my try inner nature, my genuine desires (deep, very deep.) Wolf are capable of teaching : they are adventurers, always ready to explore and then to come back to bring their discoveries to their family.

I’ll do just as them : exploring and bringing here what I learned. I’m gonna use my instinct, my intuition! Don’t laugh! I’m coming back on big canvas again and you’ll have some news as quick as possible! During this time, please, don’t hesitate to tell me : what, in the eyes of the dark wolf, do you see?