Timelapse #2

Okay, so I do some things backwards. Here is the timelapse of my 2nd great canvas. Gone, but not presented because of technical problems… now the pc does not read SD cards 🙂 As I really want to give you my news, here are the first images of the thing. Should the problem persist, I will try a yuck picture (include a not-so-good-smartphone image.)

So here goes : I love timelapse photos! Yes because the paintings have an exciting life, multiple developments. Here is another example, a canvas 80 x 100 cm.

1st and 2nd layer for texture.
3rd layer in cold colors. We are in the intuitive process here! Can you see the giraffe?
Red, red, red! First totem appears. In particular this yellow flower! Plexus chakra!
Come bears and lotus… here I’m stuck! it’ll take me few days to overcome…
At this stage, I think the cava miss his first texture. I add some embellishments. Other characters come to live : a 2nd giraffe, a snake, a polar bear. I love what’s happening with colors and the dove. i have so much fun.
The canvas seems more consistent.
The bears are brown and I just HATE that! Hopefully, paint authorizes us to do some mistakes and correct them.
A buddha appears, a tree… even in the lasts layers there are some surprises! Isn’t tant cool? And if the deers aren’t deers?

If they were… horses?