Just next my bed

… there is… all this books! Because my painting process is connected to my readings…
And my favorites for the moment, are about the archetypes. Link to the collective inconscient forme C. G.Yung, they come to life by plunges in child stories and legends, myths of our civilisation. The hero lives always the same steps from the adventure appeal to the way back, with success.



In particular archetype of the orphan found in Cinderella, Snow White… so that history can take place, one breaks the ties of the past, blood ties are broken.

The hero lives his adventure, often a spiritual metaphor, a journey to the other world, the battle of the tyrant or the dragon. With his new wisdom, the hero returns to educate his community. This is not always simple as evidenced by the history of the buddha who hesitates to come back after enlightenment.

Each author counts different archetypes. Yes and so? In life, we often wear masks, playing specific roles. These roles are the archetypes in question. We can be a victim or a healer. And at night, we feels like an abandoned child or a prostitute… there is no right or wrong archetype. Only shade in each. Study our archetypes gets to know us better!


And so… what’s the relationship with painting?
To paint, I inevitably plunges into the archetype of the artist. Personally, to work I have to connect with my inner child. And with the wild woman. The archetype of the goddess Artemis / Diana.

So, yes, questionnant creativity can take this journey of knowing the archetype in everyday life.