2nd big canvas

Here is a second large canvas, performed according to the intuitive process. The canvas is finished for some time already, but I could not share it with you for technical reasons! A new computer since… and everything goes better! So… TADA!

In between. Mixed media by Fanny Wild


By sharing this picture, I was pleasantly surprised to see comments like soul food 🙂 I too thought that the overloaded… I’m very satisfied. So now let’s look at the meanings of these archetypes. This painting tells me, among others, there are passages between worlds and they call intuition (giraffes, bears, buddha and lotus) and creation (horses, wolves, 3rd chakra the dove and the dolphin). It teaches me to trust them even though I do not always understand… A beautiful creative lesson on creativity. What a slap!

Some details :

The winged giraffe (I love … ), Wolf howling and horses.


In between zoom 1 Mixed media by Fanny Wild

The flower represents the 3rd chakra : desires, emotions!

In between, zoom 2. Mixed media by Fanny Wild

Yes! A world.

In between. Canna 80 X 100 cm.