Collage and transfer

Here are 2 projects (little ones) very different, full of wisdom and very strong for me.

Connection, collage by Fanny Wild

And we start with this collage… I made these month a workshop with cheval connexion. Working with horse archetypes and how to integrate non-predatory in our lives, was an amazing moment. This workshop is based on the theory from Linda Kohanov…

Emotions… oh emotions! So strong and creative… but how to manage them??? When I had my children, I had all these emotions I was not prepared to have. I found some wonderful tools with Rosenberg, then with Naomi Aldort… and of course, Native wisdom. But, horses are masters too. They help me to go on this path. A path to authenticity.

This collage is a way to thank them all!

And now, let me present you a fail! Yessssss… transfer are amazing but sometimes they just are so hard! I know the trap but sometimes, I can’t avoid them. What will this fail become? Be recycled in an other project of course!

I wanted to show this one so much. Because behind every beautiful creations, there is failure. They teach us so much. So, here it is :

A failure by Fanny Wild