Eagle #4

Ok… I love painting eagle 🙂


Listen to the wind by Fanny Wild

But you already know that! I have to figure something out, right? So… be prepared, because this eagle is different. He show his energy, his magic before him… for the lucky ones. Little reminder here. The symbolism of the eagle is the vision, the global the vision, the one up everything. His origin is clearly divine and permits to touch the skies. How integrate this into our lives?
Human kind have the tendency to take everything out : to class, to divise everything, people, knowing at school… the sen we use the most is the view, and we forget too much to just close our eyes, to let the others senses awake, to perceive much more. Now, we can “ses” our little drama differently.

Let this eagle give you the strength to see far/ He takes you away.

What do you risk to follow him?

Just going up…