Creativity is everywhere

This understanding was sudden, while we were laughing loudly, we had a high five. We’ve achieved a fence (just that!)

There is no small creations! It’s not just cultural creativity or that of children. Creativity is everywhere.

Also we create the scenario of our lives. We paint what we do in our days, what we do when we meet people on our way. We are all artists!

I’m not a genius. I simply felt in every fiber of my being, what said Don Miguel Ruiz, or Neal Donald Walsh.

There are not only visible creations. There are some we do not really see. It is the story we write. People does not do for us, even if they come in the frame of the story. Good scenarii should also include events, pitfalls (what would be the point of a film where everything would be great from the beginning to the end, without danger, without mountains to cross?)

You do not paint? You are not an author? Yet you are an artist. Because every second, you take a decision for the rest of your story. That’s being a creator of his life!