The course that helped me

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This link give me credits. Thanks!

I made appeared the link to the online course of Flora Bowley (to the right bar). I really wanted to talk about this course which helped me so much to take flight to find my voice! Although the course is in English, the videos are very explicit, so really, if you feel like it, please (no barrier in the language in the pictorial world.)

If you decide you get started and follow her extraordinary course, I invite you to do by the links of my blog, allowing me to be credited for any registration (it’s not huge but it is a little bit inch in addition to my artistic activity!)

A small idea of what it means to the intuitive creative process with this video:

I have followed this course in January

I will try, somehow, to share with you what this course has done for me (difficult, because I have not been able to deepen all the changes, and because it touches my inner self and leave more space any modesty and retained that are part of my identity.) Where to start?

I lived these five weeks of courses in pure exaltation of the senses… and great enthusiasm from even more time with my paintings. The proposed tricks knew how to release my last blockages and finally a huge blockage: I finally allowed myself to feel artist, to feel good in my shoes with my personal feelings. The approach has much to do… we do not work only on the canvas, but on ourself, our way of seeing the world, our vision. I finally got to work in a group of other artists, a fascinating community full of support and generosity that continues to exist well after the end of those five weeks!

The experience is so nourishing… throughout my returns to the courses offered by Flora (hours of videos show us his A to Z approach to 3 canvases!) I did learned different and more and more and more… things. Our group also has a new week access over right now, and my vision bathed new experiences enabled me to understand more. One would think that this process is endless!

I now come to open up more easily to this way of painting that can be frightening (embark on total stranger !!!) and comes to new experiences, new techniques with great confidence.

And of course … I realized and completed 5 paintings large and small formats during the course (and feel that my paintings are then passed to a professional level.) Among the courses (online and in real training) that I had the chance to follow is the one I recommend the most (and for any level!)

This is why, despite my personal beliefs on advertising of any kind, I take the liberty to relay this course in France. If you are really interested, you can find the major principles of the approach True Bloom in the book by the same author, which I mentioned already here.

Wanting to be bold? This your turn!