Hypersensitivity – 30 days challenge – D#7

So I would say that today I really wanted to share on what has become a small problem in my life: the movies.

Yep. Movies.

I just take 30 minutes with the last film by Jean Jacques Annaud. Record broken.

I’ll never see the end.

However, since the pitch touches me (it talks about the totem wolf…) am I become old mature? Is what because I’m a Mom? Still, I now consider myself a hypersensitive and I can not watch any film. Exit those of injustice, author of films about human cruelty, and all those who do not seem to bring me something in life… (99% of the programming of the last 10 years, ouch! )

My last time the cinema was for the woman in Gold… a pearl, I loved it. But I cried 2/3.

Miyazaki is my only hope!