Super power – 30 days Challenge – D#6

Let’s talk about… … super power!

When I was a child, the super power I dreamed of was being able to communicate with animals.

Women and wolf

Of course, I could talk to the animals along with the incredible utility to treat them at best. But I could also approach the extraordinary wild animals such as foxes, wolves, deer and especially birds. Nozzles and Eagles in particular. My super power would have been to approach that man can’t now.

What a strange feeling to think back to my childhood dreams-passion!

Yet, since April, it seems to me that I revives this superhero desire. In july I became the owner (the happiest?) of 2 horses. So I thought now as an adult, I have taken to contact them. And MAGIC that is working! The vehicle is similar to the ideas that escape consciousness if we are not careful. Nothing as extraordinary as I could imagine at 10 years, nothing but the ordinary.

Goddess on horse

This is just intuition.

And intuition can be vaporous.


Little by lit with my paint process, it seems like I trained it just as a muscle.

It becomes palpable.

It can be used in my daily life.

I wonder what the little 10 years old girl would have thought if I told her that I was able to realize her dream of communicating beyond what is imaginable. Would I be a superhero in her sight? Bet, I say yes and I imagine her look of admiration, full of light, not even asking to be convinced simply because she wanted to believe. Today, so, I decided to look at me through her eyes and see the superhero I’ve become;)

Paint on back