Hypersensitivity 3 – 30 days challenge – D#9

Yesterday I decided to dig hypersensitivity. And from web page to web page, I stumbled upon a book speaking of giftedness in adults.

According to the author Monique de Kermadec, hypersensitivity concerns people with high potential and affected by Asperger syndrome (among others). In short, I also checked all other characteristics (as my son, but I suspected for a long time for him.)

Finally, I did not buy this book … I’m too afraid to settle in a scheme where one more label will stick me and will strop progressing in life under cover being probably “gifted”.

Vassilissa coming back from Baba Yaga

And as things always hold in life FOR US, I read the tale of Vasilisa (Book of Clara Pinkola Estes.) It was a great revelation : the balance is not to look for answers to all the questions that come to us (and we poses like tonnes of it!) but learning to let things go. Let go. How important then is whether or not I have a high potential? Will this help me to heal the wounds of the past that I still dragging? Does it help me to complete my five paintings? The risk is too great to freeze me when I need all my masculine energy to go forward, to fire!


Fire in our home : it’s a start!