Valentin day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Yes, I know, I’m late.

Where I was, I could not come pat on the wifi, or even on the phone.

(And no, I do not write posts in advance that emerge like magic when I’m in the tundra.)

No … I was not really in the tundra …

But in principle, it was like there.

Here it looked pretty darn!
Yes … when painted on the wild woman, we opened a shop bringing the sweet name of SheArtWild and like to run naked in the woods (nan, this one is for fun, never without my panties of course!) … what can we offer to Valentine?

My husband got it right by giving us a weekend without running water, no electricity and almost no heating (but that was a bit unexpected!)

Direction: THE YURT!

Except that, yes … Valentine, it falls … in winter.

So to be fair, I should say, towards: THE YURT IN SNOW!

And that’s the difference!

Because the yurt is really mind camping, so in the summer it’s nice like everything, jovial atmosphere of warm evenings with friends. But 30 cm of snow, a temperature that gives everything she could to go above 0 ° C (the temperature j’lai scolded for her to do, j’lai engeulé!) And water source to warm up before drinking (risk of freezing from the inside), and well, I assure you you’re doing less proud! You stacked the layers like an onion, and you stay, smug front of the stove!


The stove, the brave little sweetie who also had to give everything he could (j’lai yelled the stove for him to do, j’lai yelled!) How could both heat and we dry clothes, soaked when we arrived and have 24 hours to find their ideal composition (ie, dry.)

Not seeking my panties Nico, they are not!

After, nothing beats the romance of the evening (as it is night to 18h these days) when you light all the candles (which you can do that at home too?) And you hear nothing. NOTHING. The silence. Finally … the wind. Because the wind was nice to visit us during our first night (and I swear, I swear I saw the yurt moved while night !!!!!)

Nah, but then I laugh! I really loved it!

I loved the location of the yurt at 1000m altitude, near the forest and walk paths.

Loved the commitments of owners: compost (obviously) but also dry toilets and phyto-purification basin That stuff that speak to me, I wanted to test the feasibility (I would have just seen ultimately as snow cover.) this all together: the removable, respectful of …

I loved living to the rhythm of the sun and slow at night (playing family full of board games.) Illuminated with candles. With this desire to sleep early (because no light distraction!)

First I laugh… now I got it!

I loved sleeping together on the tatami. Against each other.

I loved hearing the laughter of children who build their igloo. The fabric is thin and you can hear everything that happens outside, the night owl hoots;)

I loved getting up at daybreak and put my ski clothes to go for my morning needs in dry toilets located 30 m from the yurt. That everything, EVERYTHING, at this time there is quiet in the forest. And return to sleep in my sleeping bag after sliding a log in the stove.


I loved cooking and dishwashing water source (the DISH what! With you, you hate filling the dishwasher, but there nan, you’ll find the magical and wonderful thing.)

I still feel a thing, seeing that kind of fountain … there is little, I learned that my great-grandfather in manufactured identical 🙂

I loved this weekend because the yurt, fed me (not kidding eh) there reigns a kind of gentleness, warmth … and then I daydreamed about symmetrical patterns of structure for hours!

More beauty in real

“You wanted the wild? There you are served!” And you know what? I want more pleasure!


I’m curious … thou has already been tried by the adventure yurt? Already perhaps?
And you go in winter ???